Choose the correct answer.

1   Never let the … grow under your feet.

a) weeds

b) grass

c) bulbs

2   The grass is always … on the other side.

a) longer

b) further

c) greener

3   Everything is coming up … .

a) roses

b) lilies

c) tulips

4   Poor Margaret was a bit of a … at the dance.

a) wallflower

b) cornflower

c) wildflower

5   He led her up the garden … .

a) lane

b) street

c) path

6   Everything in the … is lovely.

a) roses

b) flowers

c) garden

7   Money doesn’t grow on … .

a) bushes

b) trees

c) plants

8   A bird in the hand is worth … in the bush.

a) four

b) two

c) one

9   Come to the point and stop beating about the … .

a) tree

b) hedge

c) bush

10   Don’t trust him, he’s a bit of a snake in the … .

a) grass

b) plants

c) weeds

11   As there are so many dishes, would you like me to … something to eat?

a) decide

b) consider

c) suggest

12   They took a vote and the … decided to go on a Chinese restaurant.

a) most

b) more

c) majority

13   We waited one hour for the main dish to … and then it was the wrong order.

a) arrive

b) deliver

c) reach

14   If you really want to enjoy the full flavour, you must remember to … the right balance of sauces together.

a) join

b) mix

c) stick

15   It is more relaxing to eat in a restaurant where the faces of the staff are … .

a) familiarly

b) familiar

c) familiarity

16   They reached a … and settled on the traditional menu.

a) compromise

b) agreement

c) compromising

17   It doesn’t matter how late you arrive at this place. You can always … on a warm welcome from the owner.

a) believe

b) trust

c) rely

18   The place was so full of people and tables that the waiter had to … us through the crowds to our table.

a) show

b) enable

c) guide

19   The problem about writing on food is that however hard you try, you will end up being … .

a) objective

b) subjective

c) reflective

20   The success of a good meal is that it should taste good and also look good and thus … to your eye.

a) appeal

b) attract

c) appear

21   I’ve just received her latest book from the publisher, so it’s what you might call hot … the press.

a) from

b) off

c) with

22   You can never tell exactly what she is thinking because she often … hot and cold over some topics.

a) changes

b) flies

c) blows

23   I’m not sure and I am getting cold … about it.

a) hands

b) feet

c) arms

24   Politicians talk a lot of hot … most of the time.

a) air

b) steam

c) stuff

25   My neighbours take no notice of me and give me the cold … when they see me.

a) hand

b) ankle

c) shoulder

26   The deputy had to take charge and is currently in the hot … now.

a) chair

b) seat

c) position

27   She had committed the murder in cold … .

a) blood

b) feeling

c) passion

28   I ordered a tea from the waiter but by the time it had reached me it was … cold.

a) rock

b) stone

c) tile

29   The authorities have set up a special hot … amid coronavirus pandemic.

a) connection

b) phone

c) line

30   He’s always very uneasy like a cat on hot … .

a) roads

b) bricks

c) roads


1 b   2 c   3 a   4 a   5 c   6 c   7 b   8 b   9 c   10 a

11 c   12 c   13 a   14 b   15 b   16 a   17 c   18 c   19 b   20 a

21 b   22 c   23 b   24 a   25 c   26 b   27 a   28 b   29 c   30 b

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