Choose the correct answer.

1   He … meat in the oven while she … dough.

a) was roasting/kneaded

b) was roasting/was kneading

c) had roasted/kneaded

d) had roasted/had been kneading

2   She was sleeping when her alarm clock … .

a) went off

b) gone off

c) had gone off

3   They were making origami when their babysitter … them to dinner.

a) had called

b) was calling

c) called

4   Steve … a movie before Alison … in.

a) was watching/came

b) had been watching/was coming

c) had been watching/came

d) watched/came

5   My sister … a job for 2 months before they … him.

a) had looker for/employed

b) was looking for/had employed

c) looked for/employed

d) had been looking for/employed

6   Oh, how I wish it … so windy.

a) wasn’t

b) isn’t

c) being not

7   The children … the movie when suddenly the light … out.

a) watched/had gone

b) were watching/went

c) had watched/went

d) were watching/was going

8   Maria … at that school from 2006 to 2010.

a) was studied

b) has studied

c) studied

9   In the cafe we … some delicious food, … some wine and then we … a lot in the city centre.

a) were trying/were drinking/were walking

b) had tried/drank/were walking

c) tried/drank/walked

d) had tried/had drunk/walked

10   She … Madrid when she … young.

a) had visited/was

b) was visiting/had been

c) had visited/had been

d) visited/was

11   The boy … home before his father … cooking.

a) was coming/was finishing

b) came/had finished

c) had come/finished

d) came/finished

12   It … two years ago. I … in the sea when unexpectedly I … the burning ship.

a) had happened/was swimming/saw

b) was happening/was swimming/was seeing

c) happened/swam/saw

d) happened/was swimming/saw

13   I … for your call for hours! Sorry, I … from 7 till 10 o’clock last night and simply … to call you.

a) waited/watched/forgot

b) was waiting/was watching/forgot

c) waited/was watching/forgot

d) had waited/watched/forgot

14   She … a leash and … out to walk her dog in the park.

a) was taking/was going

b) took/went

c) had taken/had gone

d) has taken/has gone

15   Her parents … when she … fifteen years old.

a) divorced/was

b) have divorced/was

c) divorced/had been

d) had divorced/had been

16   When I … home I … nobody. It … like everyone … not less than an hour before.

a) came/saw/seemed/went

b) had come/had seen/seemed/had gone

c) came/saw/seemed/had gone

d) was coming/saw/had seemed/had gone

17   As soon as she … she … her mistake.

a) had been answered/realized

b) had answered/had realized

c) had answered/realized

d) had answered/had been realizing

18   By the time he … home, she … the piano for 2 hours.

a) got/had been playing

b) got/played

c) had got/played

d) got/was playing

19   My father … home totally exhausted. He … all day long.

a) came/had driven

b) had come/had driven

c) came/had been driving

d) came/was driving

20   That black car … to me for 4 years before I … it.

a) had belonged/sold

b) had been belonging/sold

c) belonged/sold

d) had belonged/had sold

21   Steve … the kitchen, … a glass of juice and … on the TV.

a) had entered/drank/turned

b) had entered/was drinking/turned

c) entered/drank/turned

d) entered/was drunk/turned

22   My cousin … on a career of a software developed when he … twenty-four. It … difficult because he … from IT college before.

a) decided/was/wasn’t/had been graduating

b) decided/had been/wasn’t/had graduated

c) decided/was/wasn’t/had graduated

d) decided/was/hadn’t been/had graduated

23   When he … in he … that she … a suitcase.

a) had come/saw/had already packed

b) came/saw/had already packed

c) came/saw/already packed

d) had come/had seen/had already packed

24   When I … the room Dave … the guitar. He … all evening and … nothing about the house.

a) entered/was playing/was playing/had done

b) entered/was playing/had been playing/had done

c) entered/had been playing/had been playing/did

d) entered/played/was playing/did

25   The service company … because we … for our car for 5 hours. We … totally exhausted.

a) apologized/had been waiting/had been

b) had apologized/waited/were

c) apologized/were waiting/were

d) apologized/had been waiting/were

26   Oh, I … an e-mail from the support service! They … me. I … for it for 3 weeks.

a) see/have finally replied/waited

b) see/finally replied/was waiting

c) see/have finally replied/have been waiting

d) am seeing/are finally replying/had been waiting

27   We … in the park when the rain … . There … no place to hide nearby. So we … cold that day.

a) were walking/had started/was/got

b) were walking/started/was/got

c) walked/were starting/was/had got

d) were walking/was starting/had been/got

28   They … in that house for 4 years. They … to New York about a year ago. But their house … .

a) had lived/moved/hasn’t been sold yet

b) had been living/moved/hadn’t been sold yet

c) had been living/had moved/hasn’t been sold yet

d) had been living/moved/hasn’t been sold yet

29   I … yoga while my dog … in the garden. Now I … him.

a) was doing/was playing/don’t see

b) was doing/played/don’t see

c) was doing/was playing/am not seeing

d) had done/was playing/don’t see

30   He … 2 years in Turkey before he … a teacher of Math.

a) spent/became

b) had spent/became

c) had been spending/became

d) had spent/had become


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 c   5 d   6 a   7 b   8 c   9 c   10 d

11 c   12 d   13 b   14 b   15 a   16 c   17 c   18 a   19 c   20 a

21 c   22 c   23 b   24 b   25 d   26 c   27 b   28 d   29 a   30 b

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