1  Match the sentence halves. There are three extra endings.

1   This conversation is over as far as …B… 

2   I am totally ……

3   We have to bear ……

4   I normally go along ……

5   I understand that it’s hard ……

6   You should always keep an ……

7   There’s no ……

8   It’s clear to my ……

A   with your ideas, but in this case I disagree.

B   I’m concerned, I have nothing more to say.

C   to deny that your wrong but I’m afraid that is the case.

D   open mind when discussing controversial topics.

E    concerned you can’t do that.

F    in mind that teenagers think differently to adults.

G   to my mind that’s the answer.

H   against such widespread use of technology in schools.

I     mind with your opinions.

J    mind that she didn’t study very hard for the exam.

K   doubt that Rob is a good student but his behaviour needs to improve.


2 H   2 F   4 A   5 C   6 D   7 K   8 J

2  Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

bear in mind     believe in     deny     firmly     suspects

view     was convinced by

1   You need to ……bear in mind…… that he’s a new student and doesn’t know the rules yet.

2   My brother ………………… that I’ve been lying about my grades, but I haven’t.

3   What is your ………………… on the current school uniform?

4   I ………………… the students that this would be a good book to study.

5   It’s important to ………………… yourself and then you will achieve your goals.

6   Do you ………………… copying this from the internet?

7   We ………………… believe that every child has a right to education.


2 suspects   3 view   4 was convinced by

5 believe in   6 deny   7 firmly

3  Complete the crossword puzzle.


1   the things that a person owns, especially things that can be carried

2   items people wear to cover their body

3   the areas that form the edge of a town or city

4   the money you keep, especially in a bank, and which you don’t use on a daily basis


1   food and drinks that are available at a meeting or event

2   a list in a book that tells you what different parts of the book contain

3   the words of a song

4   the place where someone lives and the conditions they live in


4  Choose the correct options.

A:   For me, (1) there’s no doubt / I’m totally against / I believe in that the best place to live is the countryside. You have beautiful (2) contents / surroundings / view and it is peaceful and relaxed.

B:   Yes, but you have to (3) bear in mind / be convinced by / in my view that there are few shops and not so many activities.

A:   (4) To go along with / To be convinced by / To my mind there are more activities: you can go walking, climbing, cycling or horse riding and it’s much safer than in town.

B:   I agree, but not everyone likes being outside all the time and what about when the weather is bad?

A:   There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate (5) belongings / clothes / contents! If it’s raining, wear a raincoat; If it’s cold, put on a jumper!

B:   I can see that you (6) view / firmly / suspect believe in living in the countryside. I can’t (7) deny / believe in / be convinced by that it’s beautiful but I prefer to live on the outskirts of town with easy access to (8) both / either / neither the city centre and the countryside.



 bear in mind

 To my mind





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