Listening Part 1

Questions 1-7

For each question, choose the correct answer.

1   Which present will the girl receive?

2   Where will the tourists go last?

3   How much does the man pay for the postage?

4   Where is the theatre did the woman leave her gloves?

5   Which dress does the woman like best?

6   What is the television programme about?

7   Which vehicle does Steve intend to buy?

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 A   3 C   4 A   5 A   6 C   7 B


1   Which present will the girl receive?

Mum:   What would you like for your birthday, Maria? Would you like a new carpet for your bedroom floor? Your room’s quite dark – it would really make it brighter in there …

Maria:   Mmm … well, I did see a wonderful collection of short stories in a shop yesterday. I’d really like that. And don’t forget I’m going on holiday soon – a really nice leather suitcase would be great.

Mum:   Oh, dear. I was sure you’d really love my idea, so I’m afraid I’ve already got it …

Maria:   Oh, Mum!

2   Where will the tourists go last?

Guide:   I hope you’re all enjoying this walking tour of Kingston. We’ve visited the oldest building in the city – the castle. We still have the famous gardens to see and the trip on the river boat which we’re going to do at the end of the day. But next I suggest that we have a break for lunch here in the town park. There’s a café just over there and plenty of seats as well …

3   How much does the man pay for the postage?

Man:   I’d like to send a parcel to Hong Kong please. How much will it cost?

Woman:   I’ll need to weigh it before I can tell you … Okay … If you send this by air, which is more expensive than by sea, it’ll be 18 euros and 50 cents. By sea, it’ll be about half that … erm … 7 euros 50 cents.

Man:   I need to send it by air, so I’ll pay the extra. But last time, I think I only paid 15 euros 50 cents for the same weight! Have prices increased?

Woman:   Yes. Sorry!

4   Where is the theatre did the woman leave her gloves?

Woman:   Good morning, I lost a pair of black leather gloves at the theatre last night, but I’m not sure where. I know I kept them with me when I left my coat in the cloakroom.

Man:   We have found a pair this morning, under one of the seats.

Woman:   Oh, now I remember! I put them on my seat when I went to the coffee bar during the interval. They probably fell on the floor when I came back.

Man:   Well, you can collect them from the ticket office any time.

5   Which dress does the woman like best?

Woman:   Ooh look … that dress with the spots is really nice. Shall I but it?

Man:   Hmm, it’s a bit expensive, though it would look really good on you. But that white one is really nice. You always look great in white. This one with the flowers would look good on you too, and look – it’s half price!

Woman:   I’m not very keen on that material. And I prefer the spotty one to the white one, don’t you?

Man:   Oh, well, it’s better if you decide which one you want.

6   What is the television programme about?

Maria:   Hi, Daniella. It’s Maria. There’s a really good programme you might like to watch on TV tonight – at nine. That presenter you like, the woman who films elephants in Africa – she’s doing a special programme.

Daniella:   Is she going back to Africa?

Maria:   Well, this time she’s visiting the South Pole, to study some of the wildlife there. It looks like they had a difficult time making the programme. The weather was so bad, they couldn’t fly there … it took two weeks just to get there by ship.

Daniella:   That’ll be interesting, thanks!

7   Which vehicle does Steve intend to buy?

Man:   I saw Steve’s wife driving his sports car the other day.

Woman:   Did you? He told me has was going to sell it because with three children he needs to get something more practical – you know, a four-door car with lots of space for luggage.

Man:   Well, he’s got a van which he uses for his business, but I suppose he can’t really put the children in the back of that. I might think of buying that sports car, actually.

Woman:   Really?

Listening Part 2

Questions 8-13

You will hear part of a radio interview with a woman called Linda Brown, who is talking about working in a cake shop when she was a student.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

8   Linda worked in a cake shop because

        A   her parents didn’t give her enough money.

        B   she wanted to give her parents some money.

        C   she needed to buy things for college.

9   Linda liked her first boss because he

        A   paid her well.

        B   was kind to her.

        C   sent her on a training course.

10   What did Linda enjoy about working in the shop?

        A   eating the cakes

        B   the smell of baking

        C   the clean workplace

11   In the shop, Linda helped with

        A   baking bread.

        B   displaying cakes.

        C   making sandwiches.

12   Linda says that the full-time shop assistants

        A   were friendly to her.

        B   hadn’t got the same skills as her.

        C   didn’t work as hard as her.

13   What does Linda say about serving customers?

        A   She didn’t like dealing with complaints.

        B   She liked giving them advice.

        C   She enjoyed the busy part of the day.

Answer & Audioscript

8 A   9 B   10 B   11 C   12 B   13 C


Int:   Now Linda, let’s talk about your first job.

Linda:   Well, I was an assistant in an expensive cake shop in the small town where I lived. It was my last year at school, before I went to college. I wanted to earn extra money for myself because I come from a family of seven and my parents couldn’t afford to give us much pocket money.

Int:   Did you like your first boss?

Linda:   He was always polite, never shouted at us, even when we dropped things; and that was good for a young girl like me who wasn’t very confident. He knew everything about the business. I had no proper training, but it was good experience working for someone with so much knowledge. He didn’t pay us well, but I didn’t expect to earn much in my first job.

Int:   And what about the shop? Was it a nice place to work?

Linda:   As I say, it was an expensive shop, and the cakes were beautiful. Then in the morning there was this wonderful smell of bread baking. The first week was difficult because I just wanted to eat the cakes, which wasn’t allowed, but then I lost interest in them. We had to keep everything clean, and that was hard work.

Int:   Did you do any of the baking yourself?

Linda:   There were two chefs who were specialists in making cakes for celebrations, and creating new bread recipes. I loved watching them at work, but I wasn’t allowed to touch the ones on display in the windows. We sold sandwiches at lunchtime – again, very luxurious ones, and the shop assistants had to make those. I learnt to put in really generous fillings, much more than I used at home.

Int:   How did you get on with the other shop assistants?

Linda:   One of them was my best friend, which was great, but the full-time staff sometimes treated us like silly schoolgirls because we couldn’t cook. But I was surprised because the full-time assistants couldn’t add up in their head. I was good at it, but they used calculators if there was anything difficult to work out.

Int:   Did you enjoy serving customers in the shop?

Linda:   The best part of the day was lunchtime, when we were busy. Time just flew. Then it was interesting when people came in to plan a party or a wedding. One of the chefs would come through to discuss the design of the cake. Some customers thought the prices were too high, but usually ended up buying the cakes anyway.

Listening Part 3

Questions 14-19

You will hear some recorded information about a museum.

For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

Central Museum

The museum gardens were first created in the year (14) ……………………… .

There are exhibitions of English furniture and (15) ……………………… art.

In the museum shop, visitors can buy (16) ………………………, cards and books.

Cars can be parked at the (17) ……………………… near the museum.

Regular buses to the museum leave from both the city centre and the (18) ……………………… .

Call 451858 to find out more about (19) ……………………… visits or room hire.

Answer & Audioscript

14   1921

        Nineteen (hundred) (and) twenty(-)one

        One thousand, nine hundred and twenty(-)one

15   Japan(ese)

16   gift(s)

17   hotel (next door)

18   (rail/railway/train) station

19   group(s)


Man:   Thank you for calling the Central Museum information line.

Central Museum is open every day from 2nd January through to 31st December and is open daily from 10 pm until 5 pm. The museum itself is a wonderful example of local architecture, completed in the year 1889, and the gardens, still in their original 1921 design, surprise and delight visitors of all ages.

The museum contains an important 19th-century English furniture collection as well as a permanent Japanese art exhibition and admission is free to all visitors. Admission includes a free pre-recorded audio guide and we are fully equipped to welcome wheelchair users.

Our museum shop sells a variety of books, cards and gifts. You’ll find all kinds of interesting ideas for both adults and children. The museum also has a café, offering a selection of hot and cold dishes throughout the day from 10 until 4 30.

For visitors travelling by car, parking is available at the hotel next door. It’s just metres away from the museum. These is also frequent local public transport with buses to and from the town centre. There are also buses from the railway station every ten minutes throughout the day.

For further information about the museum, its history and its collections, please call 01202 451800. You can also call 451858 for information about group visits, or if you’re interested in hiring a room at the museum. Teachers can look at our website on where they’ll find lots of ideas for project work. Thank you for calling the Central Museum information line.

Listening Part 4

Questions 20-25

You will hear a conversation between a boy, Sam, and a girl, Carla, about a school concert.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, choose the letter A for YES. If it is not correct, choose the letter B for NO.






20   Carla is surprised that Mrs Ford wanted her to attend the meeting.



21   Sam says that last year’s concert was an improvement on earlier ones.



22   Carla enjoyed preparing for last year’s concert.



23   Sam tells Carla that she is the best pianist in the school.



24   Sam encourages Carla to accept Mrs Ford’s choice of music.



25   Sam realises that he must stop doing one of his activities.



Answer & Audioscript

20 B   21 A   22 B   23 B   24 B   25 A


Sam:   Carla …

Carla:   What is it, Sam?

Sam:   Why weren’t you at Mrs Ford’s meeting this morning? The one about the school concert?

Carla:   Well, I’ve decided not to take part this year.

Sam:   You’re joking! The whole orchestra wondered where you were and Mrs Ford even sent someone to look for you.

Carla:   I already know about that! What it is to be popular …

Sam:   Everyone’s expecting you to do the concert, you know. And Mrs Ford has found some music for you.

Carla:   But that’s the problem, Sam. We’re never allowed to select what we play … and her choices are so boring!

Sam:   Oh, that’s a bit unfair. I agree that it used to be like that, but the programme she put together for last year’s concert was much better. You enjoyed it last year, didn’t you?

Carla:   Well, the event itself was great and I was proud of how I played, but it’s always such hard work getting ready for that, all those hours practising. And I don’t have so much time to spare this year.

Sam:   I suppose not … But Carla, we really need you. Apart from David in class 10, who’s brilliant, nobody else plays the piano as well as you do. And David’s going to be away that week.

Carla:   Oh, do you want me to feel guilty now? Well, when’s the first practice?

Sam:   Thursday lunchtime. Look, if you don’t like the music Mrs Ford’s decided on, why not say so!

Carla:   And suggest something else?

Sam:   Well, you’ll be playing the piece on your own, won’t you, so why not?

Carla:   That’s true … anyway, what about you, Sam? Aren’t you busy at the moment?

Sam:   Yeah, there’s lots of course work and I’m playing in the school football team! You’re right, I’ll have to give something up, won’t I? But not the concert, that’s for sure.

Carla:   Well, good for you. Okay, I’ll see you on Thursday then!

Sam:   Excellent!

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