Listening Part 1

Questions 1-7

For each question, choose the correct answer.

1   Where will Peter give Joanna the book?

2   What did the girl buy at the market?

3   What will the weather be like for the race?

4   What does the girl like best about the city?

5   What does the boy think was unusual about the film?

6   What happened during the football match?

7   Which part of the gallery did the man visit?

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 C   3 A   4 C   5 A   6 B   7 B


1   Where will Peter give Joanna the book?

Man:   Joanna, it’s Peter. You left your book behind after the lecture at college. If you need it tonight I could bring it round on my way home. I’m a bit short of time though – I’m working later at the café and I’m just going to my next class now.

Woman:   Oh thanks, Peter. I will need it. I could come and get it from you at your work. There’s no need to come round to my place.

Man:   Great, I start at 5.

Woman:   I’ll see you then.

2   What did the girl buy at the market?

Girl:   Hi there. It’s Lisa. I just wanted to tell you that I went to the market to get a present for my sister’s birthday. They have everything there – jewellery, belts, hand-made bags, beautiful clothes in silk. I saw a fantastic box, a painted one, which would be great to keep jewellery in, and I thought about buying that for her. I got a blouse in the end though. It’s a beautiful colour … and I saw some great bags. I’ll think I’ll go back next week and buy one.

3   What will the weather be like for the race?

Woman:   … and now for the weather. What’s it going to be like for the big race tomorrow morning, Mike?

Man:   Well, it’s been clear and sunny all week, but it looks as if it’s going to turn really cold tonight, and with ice on the track, conditions for racing could be difficult. It doesn’t look like there’ll be any rain until the weekend though, and later in the afternoon there’ll be a bit of sun coming out from behind the clouds.

4   What does the girl like best about the city?

Boy:   Hi Gemma, it’s Andy. How are you getting on?

Girl:   Hi. I love it here – it’s a nice city. There’s everything you need just close by. There a big shopping mall with lots of fashion stores, and a supermarket just down the street. There’s also a sports centre right near the office where I’m working, which is perfect for me ‘cause I can go straight after work if I want to. There are lots of outdoor cafes too, and places to eat.

Boy:   Sounds great. I’ll come and visit.

Girl:   That would be awesome.

5   What does the boy think was unusual about the film?

Boy:   Hi Melanie. I saw that film Deep Sea last night. It was amazing. I learnt a lot about the sea too. Have you seen it?

Girl:   Yeah, I liked the boat race, it was really exciting – like when the hero almost hit the rocks.

Boy:   Yeah, he only just missed them. I thought the way the story was told was a bit different too, you know, the man actually talking direct to the camera before each scene.

Girl:   And the underwater diving scenes were great – fantastic fish.

Boy:   Yeah, I really enjoyed it.

6   What happened during the football match?

Woman:   Did you go to yesterday’s match?

Man:   Yes, it was interesting. Jim Simmons had a bag fall near the start, and we all thought he was injured and would have to go off. But he was okay, even scored goal.

Woman:   And I heard a small child caused a few problems by throwing his ball onto the field during the match.

Man:   The referee soon removed it. Just near where we were standing a fan tried to run out on to the field too. His friends stopped him, luckily.

Woman:   Right.

7   Which part of the gallery did the man visit?

Man:   Hi there. It’s Paul. I’ve been to the gallery to get some ideas for my latest project and I got some good ones – you know, for shapes and so on. Now I need to think about using colours, and patterns. I might go back another day and look at paintings. There are some on the first floor of indoor scenes, with vases and bowls in them, like the ones I looked at on display today. Oh, and there’s a new sculpture exhibition on, but I didn’t get a chance to see it.

Listening Part 2

Questions 8-13

You will hear an interview with a woman called Any Rowntree, who works as a fashion designer.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

8   Amy decided to become a fashion designer while

        A   she was still at school.

        B   she was working in a shop.

        C   she was helping run a fashion show.

9   Amy says the most important skill for a designer is

        A   remaining patient in difficult situations.

        B   knowing about different materials.

        C   understanding how clothes are made.

10   What does Amy particularly like about her work?

        A   being able to sell her designs.

        B   seeing her clothes on display

        C   having her name recognised

11   How does Amy feel about today’s fashion?

        A   She would like clothes to be more practical.

        B   She feels clothes should be more attractive.

        C   She’s pleased sports clothes are popular.

12   What helps Amy find new ideas for designs?

        A   seeing things around her.

        B   going to visit museums.

        C   looking at photos of clothes.

13   What project is Amy working on at the moment?

        A   a collection of clothes for a film

        B   a fashion show in New York

        C   a new range for a London store

Answer & Audioscript

8 B   9 C   10 C   11 B   12 A   13 A


Int:   My guest today is Amy Rowntree, who’s a fashion designer. Amy, when did you decide you wanted a career in fashion?

Amy:   Well, I started experimenting with the clothes I wore myself while I was still at school. It wasn’t until I left school and worked as an assistant in a big store though, that I knew I wanted a career in fashion. It was after that I got involved in running fashion shows.

Int:   So, that skills does a fashion designer need?

Amy:   Well, you need to know how to turn your first idea into clothes that are ready for someone to wear. It’s useful to know about materials like wool and cotton. The essential thing though is a knowledge of the techniques used in creating clothes. You also have to be patient, especially at the start of your career!

Int:   What do you find most enjoyable about working in fashion?

Amy:   It’s pleasing to see an idea come to life when you see the clothes in a show. It’s also great to go from being completely unknown, to fashion stores knowing exactly who you are when you ring up – that’s the best thing about it for me. It’s hard work selling my designs, but it’s good to earn money doing something you love.

Int:   And what about the current fashion scene?

Amy:   I feel that the main aim now is to make clothes easy for people to wear. I understand that’s important. And actually sports clothes are what make the most money for the fashion industry. But I think you need to design really beautiful clothes too. I’d like to see more of fashion as a kind of art.

Int:   Do you find it easy to think of new designs?

Amy:   Oh yes. I get ideas all the time, and I draw them so that I don’t forget them. And I take photos too. I often get my ideas from things I see when I’m out in streets and parks. I don’t get many ideas from clothes in museums, although I know other designers do.

Int:   And are you working on any new projects at the moment?

Amy:   Well, my big ambition is to put on a fashion show in New York, but no luck yet! I’ve been asked to design the clothes for a film though, so I’m working on that. It’ll be out next summer. And I’m talking with a big store in London about the possibility of doing a special range of suits for men.

Int:   Really!

Listening Part 3

Questions 14-19

You will hear a student called Steve talking about working in a forest in New Zealand.

For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

Working in a forest in New Zealand

Steve had accommodation in a shared (14) …………………… .

Steve says it was important to have good (15) …………………… at the end of each day.

Steve worked with a team that made a (16) …………………… through the forest.

Steve also collected information needed for a (17) …………………… of the forest area.

In the morning Steve was surprised to hear the sound of (18) …………………… in the forest.

When he did the trip, Steve only had to pay for his (19) …………………… .

Answer & Audioscript

14 tent   15 meals   16 path

17 map   18 rabbits   19 flight


Steve:   I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. So, when I saw an advertisement asking for people to work in a forest near Auckland, I applied.

I was accepted and flew out to New Zealand in January. At the airport, I met other people going to work in the forest and a bus came to collect us and take us there. Eventually, there’s going to be a really big tourist centre where we were. I thought I’d be staying in a wooden hut, but in fact I was in a tent, which I shared with four other boys – two American and two Japanese.

It was summer, so I was a bit disappointed that the weather was rather wet and windy. But at least you could have hot showers in the evening. There was also a professional cook, and every evening he made us great meals. That’s important when you’re working outside all day!

We always worked as a team, so progress was fast. Our main job was creating a path in the forest to make access easier. They’ll need it when the tourist centre opens to groups in another year or two.

I also enjoyed getting the information to make a map of the forest area. Something else that was a good experience for me.

I’ll always remember how quiet the forest was early in the morning. The birds were singing as you’d expect but I couldn’t believe I could actually hear the rabbits. They ran around in the long grass early in the morning.

If you like nature, and you want a taste of life outside a city, try this trip. You have to find the money for your own flight, but everything else, including special boots, are provided.

Anyway …

Listening Part 4

Questions 20-25

You will hear a woman called Martha and a man called James talking about a TV series called Madison, which is about a doctor who works in a hospital.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, choose the letter A for YES. If it is not correct, choose the letter B for NO.






20   They agree that the last show in the series was complicated.



21   James believes that the series is successful because of the main character.



22   They both admire the main character’s behaviour.



23   Martha thinks that the main character has similar skills to a detective.



24   James was surprised to find the main character so funny.



25   They both plan to watch the series again.



Answer & Audioscript

20 A   21 A   22 B   23 A   24 B   25 B


Martha:   Hi James, how’re you doing?

James:   Hello Martha, I’m good. Did you watch Madison last night?

Martha:   I did yeah. Great, wasn’t it? The whole series has been fantastic. The final show was hard to follow though – there was so much happening.

James:   You did have to concentrate to keep up, for sure.

Martha:   I wonder if that’s why the series is so popular?

James:   Actually, I think the hero Dr Madison is the reason why it’s a hit. He’s a really unusual person to have as a central character – sort of brilliant doctor one minute, big kid the next. People fine him interesting.

Martha:   I’m with you on that. I guess the series is about him growing up, accepting he’s got to be responsible and follow the rules.

James:   I hadn’t thought of it that way. You could see it as Dr Madison running away from his problems, not dealing with things.

Martha:   Except he can’t do that forever, can he? In the next series, he’s going to have to sort things out.

James:   Well, the series has certainly got us talking, hasn’t it?

Martha:   Absolutely! I learnt a lot from it too. The personal stories of some of the other characters were fascinating – watching Dr Madison work out how to help them was a bit like watching a detective at work. I’d never thought the two jobs could be at all the same before.

James:   I thought as a character he was very amusing, too. I know a lot of people were surprised by that. But I don’t see what’s so strange about finding a doctor funny. I don’t think I’ll ever find the time to watch it all again unfortunately, though I’d love to.

Martha:   Well, I’m going to buy the boxed set of the series, so I can watch some of the shows whenever I want.

James:   I’m sure it’ll be worth the money.

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