Listening Part 1

Questions 1-7

For each question, choose the correct answer.

1   Which prize has the man just won?

2   What was the man’s first job?

3   Where will they have something to eat?

4   What does the woman’s house look like now?

5   Which sport will they do tomorrow?

6   What can you see on the television programme?

7   Where will the man sit on the plane?

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 B   3 C   4 A   5 A   6 B   7 C


1   Which prize has the man just won?

Int:   And in second place, Tim Davidson. Tim, would you like to say a few words?

Tim:   Well, I want to thank everyone who has helped me to do so well today, because it’s not just about me the player, there’s my trainer, my manager, and my wife Jane. I know she’ll love this beautiful glass bowl, so it won’t be up on a dusty shelf with the cups I’ve won in the past. We’ll enjoy looking at it every day. And I’ll be back next year to win that silver plate! Thank you.

2   What was the man’s first job?

Man:   I know you think being a postman’s not a very good job – long hours and not a lot of money – but I enjoy it. Better than some things I’ve done. When I first left school I spent a month or two cleaning windows, and then I got a job building houses. Now that was hard! Of course, when I was at school, I dreamt of becoming a pilot, but I failed to get on a training course.

3   Where will they have something to eat?

Girl:   I’m really hungry. Can we stop for something to eat before we get to the airport?

Man:   Sorry, there isn’t enough time to stop at a café. Your mother’s flight gets in at ten o’clock, and we’ve still got quite a long way to go. We don’t want to keep her waiting, so I think we’ll go straight to the airport. We’ll need petrol on the way home, so we can stop for a snack at a service station.

4   What does the woman’s house look like now?

Woman:   It was really strange going back to Redmond, where I used to live. Everything has changed so much. I went to see my old house. It used to have trees in the garden and a hedge in the front. Well, the people who own it now have built another bedroom over the top of the garage, and removed the trees and hedge so they have more room to park their cars. It made me feel really sad, because it looked so different.

5   Which sport will they do tomorrow?

Boy:   It’s great here. I’ve just been horse-riding for the first time in my life, and tomorrow I’m going to learn how to dive off the high board in the swimming pool. I had no idea there were so many things available.

Girl:   No, I came for the cycling mainly, so I haven’t tried all the other things. To be honest, I don’t think the pool is for me really, although I’d like to try the riding. Would you be interested in doing that again tomorrow with me, instead of the diving?

Boy:   Yeah, I suppose so.

6   What can you see on the television programme?

Coming up next on The Science Channel is the latest documentary produced and presented by photographer Daniel Hamilton, who made the prize-winning series, about African animals which you may have seen last year. His latest series is simple called Earth, and viewers can enjoy some amazing photography, with pictures of the planet shot from cameras in space using the latest satellite technology. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

7   Where will the man sit on the plane?

Man:   On the plane at last! Now – our seats are in Row 12 … over there!

Woman:   Yes, A and B. Seat A is next to the window. Do you want that one? Or do you prefer to sit in the middle?

Man:   Well, they said the seat on the end seems to be empty too, so I’ll take that one instead. I’m not that keen to see outside …

Woman:   Well, I love looking at the clouds, so I’ll sit near the window. We’ll put our newspapers in the middle. Okay?

Listening Part 2

Questions 8-13

You will hear an interview with a woman called Lucy Rainbow, who is talking about her job as a painter.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

8   What does Lucy usually paint?

        A   scenery for stage plays

        B   pictures of pop stars

        C   the walls in people’s homes

9   Lucy chose her present job because

        A   she enjoys working by herself.

        B   she couldn’t get a job in advertising.

        C   she thought it would be interesting.

10   What does Lucy find difficult about her work?

        A   She sometimes misses lunch.

        B   Some days are too busy.

        C   She always has too much work to do.

11   How many hours a day does Lucy usually work?

        A   seven

        B   eight

        C   eleven

12   How does Lucy travel to work?

        A   on foot

        B   by car

        C   by public transport

13   What does Lucy do in her free time nowadays?

        A   She studies.

        B   She visits an art gallery.

        C   She plays tennis.

Answer & Audioscript

8 A   9 C   10 B   11 C   12 C   13 A


Int:   Today we have with us in the studio Lucy Rainbow, who earns her living as a painter. Good morning, Lucy. Can you tell us about your job?

Lucy:   Well, I don’t paint pretty pictures you can hang on your walls at home. Mainly, I work in a theatre, painting the background scenery for plays. I’ve also done a couple of CD covers. That was great, because I got to meet my favourite pop stars.

Int:   So how did all this start?

Lucy:   Well, I always intended to become a proper artist. But I couldn’t sell any of my paintings, and anyway I got bored working alone! I was offered a job in an advertising agency, but the idea of working in a theatre attracted me more. I get the chance to paint something different every day, I get paid reasonably well, and I work with a team of wonderful people.

Int:   So you enjoy your work, but doesn’t it have any disadvantages?

Lucy:   Mostly, I love it. The only thing that causes me stress is that often I have too many things to do at the same time, while at other times I have nothing to do. It’s difficult to organise my time, but I always make sure I stop for lunch.

Int:   How many hours do you work on an average day?

Lucy:   There’s no such thing as an average day! But generally, I start work at eight in the morning, and go through until seven. That makes it an eleven-hour day, which is much longer than the eight hours that most people work.

Int:   Is your journey to work difficult?

Lucy:   Not really. My dream job would be one where I could walk to work, but that hasn’t happened yet. I could drive to the theatre, but that makes me tired and I get a lot of my best ideas when I’m on my way to work, on the bus or train.

Int:   Do you have time for any hobbies?

Lucy:   Not as much as I’d like. I used to play a lot of tennis until I hurt my ankle, and I was a regular visitor to an art gallery near my home until it closed down. In the little spare time I have, I’m doing a course in computer graphics. I hope what I learn will help me in my job.

Int:   Well, thank you, Lucy. It’s been interesting talking to you.

Listening Part 3

Questions 14-19

You will hear a radio announcement about a new magazine.

For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.


The name of the magazine is (14) ……………………

First issue of magazine

●   healthy recipes using (15) ……………………

●   a DVD about making (16) …………………… for summer

Second issue of magazine

●   recipes using (17) …………………… for children

●   special recipes to use for (18) …………………… for adults

The first issue of the magazine costs (19) £ ……………………

Answer & Audioscript

14   Good Living

15   fish/fishes

16   salad(s)

17   rice(s)

18   parties/party

19   (£)2.49/two (pound(s)) (and) forty(-)nine (p/pence)


Today we begin the programme with some information about an exciting magazine that will be on sale in the shops next week. It’s called Good Living and the aim of the magazine is to show you how to eat well, and in a healthy way. So every month there will be information about which fruit and vegetables are in season as well as lots of recipes by top chefs for you to make. In the first issue of the magazine, there will be recipes for fish, which is a good choice if you want to eat healthily. In addition, you’ll also find a special free gift. This is DVD showing how to prepare summer salads, using a wide variety of different ingredients, some of them quite unusual.

The second issue will have an interesting article about the history of tea and the many kinds you can buy in different countries. It also has a special collection of recipes for children, which will show them some interesting things to make with rice. Of course, there’ll be some good things for adults in this second magazine, too. There are some wonderful recipes designed especially for parties. The recipes are quick to prepare and very colourful, and some can also be made ahead of time and frozen, which is always useful.

Now the price of the magazine will normally be £3.99, but the first issue with be on sale at £2.49, so that’s a good offer, a reduction of £1.50. It will be on sale in supermarkets and newsagents on Monday. So make sure you buy it – the ideas and photos in it are great!

Moving on, next on the programme …

Listening Part 4

Questions 20-25

You will hear a man called Karl, and his wife Jenny, talking about the holiday they have just had.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, choose the letter A for YES. If it is not correct, choose the letter B for NO.






20   Jenny and Karl are both pleased to be home after their holiday.



21   Jenny thinks the weather forecast they heard for their holiday week was correct.



22   Jenny and Karl both liked the way their hotel served meals.



23   Jenny thinks they had a better room on this holiday than last year.



24   Karl was angry about the state of the hotel sports equipment.



25   Jenny and Karl are both keen to plan another holiday immediately.



Answer & Audioscript

20 B   21 A   22 A   23 B   24 B   25 B


Karl:   Phew! Home at last! That journey seemed to last forever. I’m glad to be back, aren’t you?

Jenny:   Not really. I’m sorry our holiday’s over. I’ll miss the beach. We had a great time, didn’t we?

Karl:   Mmm … it was okay. The weather wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. I thought the forecast was for bright sunshine the whole week!

Jenny:   Well, most of the week was like that. We only had a little bit of rain, didn’t we? And they did mention that on the forecast.

Karl:   Yes, the day after it rained! Anyway, the food in the hotel was delicious, wasn’t it?

Jenny:   It was, yeah …

Karl:   And it was good to be able to help ourselves to what we wanted.

Jenny:   Mmm … it saved delays, and it meant we could get out quickly in the mornings, too. The waiters were very helpful, I must day.

Karl:   Mmm … that was good.

Jenny:   The only thing I wasn’t happy about the was the temperature in the room. It was so hot!

Karl:   It certainly was. It didn’t help when we opened the windows, either. It didn’t cool it down at all, did it?

Jenny:   No. Still, it was just the same when we went to that other hotel last year, so I wasn’t surprised. I don’t know why the air conditioning didn’t work, though.

Karl:   Well, that wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t working properly. One of the machines in the gym was broken, too. But I suppose it was a very busy time, so the staff were probably just too busy to check it properly. These things happen, don’t they? It didn’t matter to me!

Jenny:   Right …

Karl:   So … what should we do for our next holiday then? We could go somewhere completely different.

Jenny:   I’m not sure. I was hoping we could go to the coast again, but with all the work I’ve got at the moment, we’ll have to wait and see.

Karl:   Okay, then …

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