Listening Part 1

Questions 1-7

For each question, choose the correct answer.

1   How will they book their flights?

2   What has the daughter forgotten to bring on holiday?

3   What will the man and woman do on Sunday?

4   Which blouse does the girl decide to buy?

5   When is the girl having a party?

6   Where is the motorcycle race going to finish?

7   What will the woman repair next?

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 C   3 B   4 B   5 A   6 C   7 B


1   How will they book their flights?

Man:   So what about our flights then, shall I book on the internet? Or do you want to go to a travel agent’s?

Woman:   Well, actually, I’ve already been to the travel agent’s and got some prices … They can offer us a better price than anything I’ve seen on the internet.

Man:   Great … well let’s make a decision and then go ahead and book. We could phone them, couldn’t we? Or is it better to pop in?

Woman:   I’d prefer not to phone because I want to pay in cash.

Man:   Okay.

2   What has the daughter forgotten to bring on holiday?

Girl:   Mmm … nice bathroom in this hotel! Can I borrow your shampoo, Mum? I left mine at home.

Mum:   Okay, but put it back in my bag when you’ve finished.

Girl:   And I don’t believe it! I must have forgotten to bring my hairbrush, too. I can’t find it anywhere in my suitcase. I was sure I’d put it in!

Mum:   You had! I’ve already put it in the bathroom with your other washing things. I don’t know why you brought toothpaste though. We certainly didn’t need two tubes! We’re only here for four days.

3   What will the man and woman do on Sunday?

Woman:   Oh, I’m so tired! Shall we just stay at home this weekend? Maybe watch some DVDs and read the newspapers?

Man:   Mmm … how about going to the beach tomorrow with a picnic as it’s so hot … although we really ought to clean the flat. Oh, I nearly forgot! Isn’t your sister coming to see us on Sunday?

Woman:   Yes, you’re right … she is! She’ll enjoy a good day at the seaside, won’t she? We’ll relax at home another time … and then do the housework, too!

Man:   Sounds great!

4   Which blouse does the girl decide to buy?

Girl:   Tom, I need you opinion about this blouse. I like the collar, but the sleeves are rather long.

Tom:   Um … I’m not sure. Look at some more before you decide. What about this one? Short sleeves, no collar.

Girl:   It’s a bit ordinary. I do agree, though, it’s elegant. Ah, here’s one with a collar and without sleeves, but it isn’t quite so nice as the other one. Hmm … no, I like the first one I saw. I can always make the sleeves shorter.

Tom:   Okay. I think it’s a good choice.

5   When is the girl having a party?

Amanda:   Hello, this is Amanda. About my birthday party. I told you it was on the fifteenth, but I’ve got to change it to the thirteenth. That’s a Thursday, which I know isn’t perfect. But no-one can come on Friday the fourteenth because it’s the school disco. Sorry about the change, but Mum and Dad have got something planned for me on the fifteenth. Anyway, the party’s at my house, and it’s starting about eight o’clock. Call me back and let me know if you can come.

6   Where is the motorcycle race going to finish?

Man:   This year’s motorcycle race will finish in the city centre. Hundreds of people are expected to be in the square in front of the town hall to watch the finish of the race on Saturday afternoon. For those who’d like to see the bikes in action, seating will by provided in the square outside the stadium. Race organisers recommend that from Castle Square, with its position on top of the hill, there’ll be a good view of the bikes make their way through the city.

7   What will the woman repair next?

Boy:   I really want to go out on my bike, but it’s got a flat tyre. Can you fix it?

Woman:   I’m really busy at the moment. Oh, and we don’t have anything to repair it with. Can’t you do something else? Why don’t you play football instead?

Boy:   But the football’s flat as well.

Woman:   Oh. But it just needs more air. That shouldn’t take too long. I’ve just finished putting some new glass in the window so I’ll have a coffee and then I’ll do it.

Listening Part 2

Questions 8-13

You will hear a radio interview with a man called Robin Marshall, who has written a book about Argentina.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

8   What was Robin’s job in Argentina?

        A   translator

        B   tour guide

        C   travelling salesman

9   On Robin’s last trip to Argentina, the weather was

        A   colder than he expected.

        B   suitable for what he planned.

        C   different from the forecasts he heard.

10   What did Robin buy from the market he visited?

        A   a picture

        B   a chair

        C   a record

11   How did Robin feel during the dance performance he saw?

        A   He wanted to get up and dance.

        B   He wished he had continued his dance classes.

        C   He was sad he didn’t dance well.

12   What did Robin do while he stayed in the village?

        A   He went on a bus tour.

        B   He went into the forest.

        C   He went on a river trip.

13   What did Robin like about his favourite place?

        A   the wildlife

        B   the views

        C   the peace

Answer & Audioscript

8 C   9 B   10 A   11 A   12 C   13 C


Int:   Today I’m with Robin Marshall, who has just written a book about travelling in Argentina. Robin, tell us about yourself …

Robin:   Well, I’ve travelled to South America a lot for my work and I know Argentina well now. So well that I could be a tour guide if I wanted! I speak fluent Spanish, so I don’t need anyone to translate for me. My job involves travelling around selling products for my company. I meet a lot of people doing that, and I wanted to share those experiences with others, so I decided to try writing.

Int:   So, tell us about your last visit to Argentina. What was the weather like?

Robin:   Well, it was winter there, so mornings were cold, but I’d expected that. Every day they said on the radio that it would be sunny later and sure enough, it was! I wanted to go sightseeing, and the weather was perfect for that.

Int:   And where did you go when you went sightseeing?

Robin:   Well, I went to a wonderful market that sold everything from modern art to old records of traditional music, which I collect. I came home with a beautiful painting of the area. I also saw a wonderful antique chair, but unfortunately it was too big to bring back.

Int:   Now, Argentina is famous for its dancing. Did you see any performances during your trip?

Robin:   I did, yes. It reminded me of when I used to attend dance classes. I enjoyed them although I was never very good. I’m sure my teacher was pleased when I said I wasn’t going to continue! But these dancers made it look so easy that at that moment I felt like joining in and dancing with them.

Int:   It sounds wonderful! And what else did you do?

Robin:   Well, I went to a small village on the coast. I took the bus there, and got a room in a small hotel. The hotel owner was very friendly. He took me down the river in his boat. It was very beautiful – you could see the forest in the distance.

Int:   Do you have a favourite place in Argentina?

Robin:   Definitely. It’s a mountain near Buenos Aires. It’s famous for its spectacular scenery. But when I went there it was very misty and the sun was just rising. You couldn’t see much: there were no birds or animals about. It was totally quiet, and I loved that. I shall go back one day.

Int:   We look forward to reading your book. Thank you, Robin.

Robin:   Thank you.

Listening Part 3

Questions 14-19

You will hear a radio presenter talking about a museum where you can see a new film.

For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.


The Film

        Country it is about:     (14) ………………………..

        Day it is on:     Sunday

        Time last performance starts:     (15) ………………………..

Other things to do at the museum

        – use the (16) ………………………… in the basement

        – see a model (17) ………………………… on the first floor

        – try the café on the (18) ………………………… floor

How to get free tickets for the film

        – send an email before 12 o’clock on (19) ………………………..

Answer & Audioscript

14   Greenland

15   Five/5 o’clock (p.m./in the afternoon)

        5 pm

        17.00 (hours)


16   computer(s)

17   space(-)ship

18   top/highest

19   F/fri(day)


Int:   Next on the programme, we’re offering free tickets to go and see a brand new film called A Year in Greenland. The film, which tells you all about the plants and animals in that wonderful country, has won a prize at the national film festival – it’s well worth seeing.

The film can only be seen at a fantastic new cinema that has just been completed inside the Science Museum in the city centre. It’s showing this Sunday with performances every hour from midday onwards, with the last showing at five o’clock, two hours before the museum closes at seven. So there’s six times to choose from.

So why not take the whole family to the museum this Sunday – there’s lots to do. Children will want to head straight down to the basement where the computers are kept. I promise you they’ll come away with all sorts of exciting pictures they’ve created.

Moving to the first floor, a working steam engine and a life-sized model of a space-ship are among the favourite exhibits, and these are popular with people of all ages, not just children.

And if you get thirsty or if you want to have lunch out, there’s an excellent café with wonderful views of the city on the top floor of the building.

Entrance to the museum is free on Sundays, but it would normally cost £3.25 to go and see the film. To get your free tickets, you should email this programme by midday on Friday. We’ve only got a limited number of tickets, so the earlier you contact us, the more likely you are to get one. We’ll then get back in email contact with you before 12 o’clock on Saturday if you’ve been successful.

So have a pencil and paper ready after this song.

Listening Part 4

Questions 20-25

You will hear two neighbours, a woman, Natasha, and a man, Colin, talking about running.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, choose the letter A for YES. If it is not correct, choose the letter B for NO.






20   Natasha has decided to take the day off work to go running.



21   Colin found running to work was bad for his health.



22   Natasha would prefer to go running outside the city.



23   Natasha would like to wear her sports clothes at work.



24   Natasha will run in the big race because she hopes to win it.



25   Colin and Natasha will prepare for the big race together.



Answer & Audioscript

20 B   21 A   22 A   23 B   24 B   25 B


Colin:   Hi Natasha. I see you’re going out for a run. You’re lucky you don’t have to go to work today.

Natasha:   Hello Colin – I am going to the office, but I’ve started running to work instead of taking the bus. It means I can keep fit and save some money.

Colin:   I tried running to work for a while, but I didn’t like breathing in all the traffic pollution and I kept getting coughs. I soon went back to using public transport. I keep fit at the gym.

Natasha:   Well, I’ve found a route that avoids most of the main roads.

Colin:   But it’s still almost five kilometres – and it must be dangerous.

Natasha:   That’s why I choose quiet streets. If I could, I’d run in the country – that would be lovely, but it would mean leaving it till the weekends. Running gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom – it’s just what I need before sitting down in the office every day.

Colin:   But surely you don’t wear your tracksuit and trainers at work?

Natasha:   Oh – I keep a suit at the office and change when I arrive. I think it’s important to look professional so I don’t mind at all.

Colin:   Anyway, since you’re so fit, are you going to join in the big race next month?

Natasha:   I’d like to. What’s the distance?

Colin:   Twenty kilometres – anyone can enter and there are prizes for different age groups.

Natasha:   Even if I come last, it will still be good fun – running on your own can sometimes get quite lonely. Are you going to take part?

Colin:   Oh yes, I’ve sent in my application form already – I’ll get one for you. But I’m not going to train by running to work – I’ll run round the park a few times when I get home in the evenings – that’s safer!

Natasha:   Okay. Anyway I must go now or I’ll be late. Bye.

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