Listening 1

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the snowman’s belt – yellow

 Draw some spots on the snowman’s hat and colour them purple

 Write the word ‘ski’ on the boy’s jacket

 Colour the sledge – blue

 Colour the snowman’s umbrella – grey


MAN:   Let’s colour something.

GIRL:   All right.

MAN:   Can you start with the girl’s hat?

GIRL:   OK, what colour?

MAN:   Er … green.



MAN:   Now, would you like to colour something else?

GIRL:   Yes, I want to colour the snowman.

MAN:   Well, not all of him. Just his belt.

GIRL:   Fine. Shall I make it yellow?

MAN:   All right.


GIRL:   Can I draw something now?

MAN:   Yes, of course you can. Draw some spots on the snowman’s hat!

GIRL:   Yes, that will look good.

MAN:   And then colour them purple.

GIRL:   OK, I’ll do that.


GIRL:   I like drawing. Can I do some more?

MAN:   No. Can you write something now?

GIRL:   Oh. What shall I write?

MAN:   Write the word ‘ski’.

GIRL:   Where?

MAN:   On the boy’s jacket.



MAN:   Now, are you ready to colour something else?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   Can you colour the sledge?

GIRL:   All right. What’s a good colour for that? Black?

MAN:   No, blue’s better, I think.

GIRL:   Yes, I agree.


MAN:   OK, one last thing now.

GIRL:   Can I colour the snowman’s nose?

MAN:   That’s too easy. Let’s do his umbrella.

GIRL:   Well, what colour would you like?

MAN:   Er … grey.

GIRL:   All right.

Listening 2

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the woman’s suitcase – brown

 Colour the light on top of the ambulance – blue

 Write ‘books’ on the front of the bookshop

 Colour the boy’s scarf – green

 Draw an umbrella in the woman’s hand and colour it – yellow


WOMAN:   OK, are you ready? Shall we start?

BOY:   All right.

WOMAN:   Can you see the boy? He’s riding a bicycle. Colour his hat.

BOY:   What colour shall I do it?

WOMAN:   Is purple OK?

BOY:   Yes, that’s fine.


WOMAN:   Can you see the woman in the picture?

BOY:   Yes. She’s crossing the street.

WOMAN:   That’s right. Can you colour her suitcase, please?

BOY:   Can I colour it red?

WOMAN:   I prefer brown.

BOY:   Oh, al right then.


WOMAN:   Do you want to colour something else?

BOY:   Yes, but can I choose the colour this time?

WOMAN:   All right. Let’s colour something on the ambulance.

BOY:   Can I colour its light? It’s on the top of the ambulance.

WOMAN:   That will be good. What colour are you going to choose?

BOY:   Blue.


WOMAN:   Would you like to write something now?

BOY:   Oh. Is it difficult?

WOMAN:   No, it’s very easy. Can you see the shop?

BOY:   The one that sells books?

WOMAN:   Yes. Can you write ‘books’ on the front?

BOY:   OK. That is easy!


BOY:   What next?

WOMAN:   OK. This time, can you colour something that the boy is wearing?

BOY:   His trousers?

WOMAN:   No, that will take too long.

BOY:   His scarf?

WOMAN:   Yes, OK. Colour it green.


WOMAN:   Last one now. Can you draw well?

BOY:   I’ll try.

WOMAN:   Can you draw an umbrella? Draw it in the woman’s hand.

BOY:   OK.

WOMAN:   And colour it yellow.

BOY:   Yes, I can do that.

Listening 3

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the rucksack of the tall boy in the foreground – orange

 Colour the standing boy’s drum – yellow

 Draw two stars on the big flag and colour them – blue

 Write the word ‘tent’ above the number 3 on the side of the tent

 Colour the torch of the boy in the tent – purple


BOY:   I like this picture! Can I colour it, please?

WOMAN:   Of course you can. Let’s start now.

BOY:   What shall I do first?

WOMAN:   Can you see the tree next to the tent?

BOY:   Yes.

WOMAN:   Well, colour the swing under it.

BOY:   What colour shall I make it?

WOMAN:   Red.


WOMAN:   Now find the tallest boy in the picture.

BOY:   OK. Is he looking at a map?

WOMAN:   Yes, he is. Can you colour his rucksack?

BOY:   What colour?

WOMAN:   Orange.

BOY:   All right.


WOMAN:   Now for some more colouring.

BOY:   Oh, good.

WOMAN:   Find the boy who’s standing on the right.

BOY:   Where? Oh, I can see him. He’s playing a drum.

WOMAN:   That’s right. Colour it yellow.


WOMAN:   There are two flags in the picture.

BOY:   Yes, I can see them.

WOMAN:   Well, first draw two stars on the flag on the right.

BOY:   That’s the big one.

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s right. And then colour them blue.

BOY:   OK.


WOMAN:   Now you can write something.

BOY:   Excellent.

WOMAN:   Can you see the tent?

BOY:   Yes. It’s got a number three on it.

WOMAN:   Yes. I want you to write the word ‘tent’ above the number.

BOY:   OK.


WOMAN:   And last. Can you do some more colouring?

BOY:   OK. Can I colour something purple?

WOMAN:   What would you like to colour?

BOY:   Can you see the boy in the tent?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   I’d like to colour his torch.

WOMAN:   That’s fine. The picture’s much more interesting now.

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