Listening 1

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the sandwiches on the ground – pink

 Draw a spoon next to the bowl on the table – colour it brown

 Colour the jacket of the fireman by the wall – blue

 Write ‘SPACE’ under the star on the back of the boy under the table

 Colour the face of the woman running – purple


GIRL:   Can I colour this picture?

WOMAN:   Yes. The people are going to have dinner in the garden. Would you like to colour the fire under the sausages?

GIRL:   OK. Shall I colour it red?

WOMAN:   No. Colour it yellow, please.



WOMAN:   Can you see the sandwiches too?

GIRL:   The ones on the ground?

WOMAN:   Yes. Can you colour them?

GIRL:   OK. Shall I colour them pink?

WOMAN:   Yes, please.


WOMAN:   Would you like to draw and colour something now?

GIRL:   Yes, please. Can I draw a spoon next to the bowl on the table?

WOMAN:   Yes, of course.

GIRL:   And shall I colour it brown?



GIRL:   Can I colour the wall now?

WOMAN:   No, it’s too big. Look at the fireman who is standing next to it.

GIRL:   I see him. He’s turning the water on, I think.

WOMAN:   That’s right. Well, colour his jacket blue.


WOMAN:   Could you write something now?

GIRL:   Yes, of course.

WOMAN:   Look at the bigger boy under the table. The one who’s wearing shorts.

GIRL:   Yes. He and his brother are laughing.

WOMAN:   Yes, they are. Write the word ‘SPACE’ on his back under the star.


WOMAN:   And can you see the woman?

GIRL:   The woman who’s watching?

WOMAN:   No. The one who’s running to stop the fireman.

GIRL:   Oh, yes. She’s the mother, I think.

WOMAN:   Yes. Colour her face.

GIRL:   She doesn’t look very happy! I’ll colour it purple!

WOMAN:   Great.

Listening 2

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the flag which is higher – purple

 Write ‘STAR’ on the blanket on the baby elephant’s back

 Colour the butterfly on the plant – pink

 Draw a hat on the boy’s head, and colour the hat – orange

 Colour the flying parrot – blue


WOMAN:   Would you like to colour this picture now?

BOY:   Oh, yes! I love the elephants! Who are the people who are riding on the big one?

WOMAN:   I don’t know their names, but can you colour the girl’s skirt?

BOY:   Yes. I’ll colour it green. OK?

WOMAN:   That’s fine!


BOY:   There’s a castle in the hills. It looks lovely.

WOMAN:   Perhaps these people live there. Can you see the flags?

BOY:   Yes. Shall I colour one of them?

WOMAN:   Yes, please. Colour that one that’s higher in the sky. Make it purple.

BOY:   All right.


BOY:   I’d like to write something on this picture. Can I?

WOMAN:   OK. Can you see the baby elephant? He’s got something on his back.

BOY:   Yes, he has. It looks like a kind of blanket.

WOMAN:   It does. Write the word ‘STAR’ on it.

BOY:   Why?

WOMAN:   Because that’s the baby elephant’s name.


BOY:   There are some lovely butterflies in this picture too!

WOMAN:   Oh, yes …

BOY:   Can I colour the one in the air?

WOMAN:   No. Do the other one, the one on the plant. Make it pink.

BOY:   All right. I’ll do that now.


WOMAN:   And can you draw something, too?

BOY:   Yes. I’m good at that. Can I draw a big hat on the boy’s head?

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. The sun is very hot. Then colour it brown!

BOY:   Can I do it orange? I prefer that colour!

WOMAN:   All right.


BOY:   Now a parrot. I’d like to colour one.

WOMAN:   Well, you haven’t used blue yet. How about that colour?

BOY:   Yes, here it is. I’m ready. Shall I do the one that’s flying?

WOMAN:   Yes. That looks great, doesn’t it?

BOY:   Yes. I’m very happy with this picture now.

WOMAN:   Me too! Thank you.

Listening 3

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the mother’s handbag – pink

 Write ‘MUSIC’ in front of ‘SHOP’

 Draw a drum on the top shelf in the window – colour the drum purple

 Colour the girl’s umbrella – green

 Colour the envelope on the ground – blue


MAN:   Shall we look at this picture now?

GIRL:   Yes. Look at the rain! All the people are wet in this street.

MAN:   Yes, they are. Can you see the man at the front?

GIRL:   Yes. He’s phoning someone. Can I colour his telephone?

MAN:   Yes, please. Colour it orange.



GIRL:   Now, what else must I colour? One of the handbags?

MAN:   Yes, if you like. Colour the one that the mother’s carrying.

GIRL:   OK. But can I choose the colour?

MAN:   Yes, you can. What’s your favourite?

GIRL:   Pink. I’ll use that colour.

MAN:   All right.


MAN:   Would you like to write something on this picture too?

GIRL:   Oh, yes. I like writing. What can I write?

MAN:   Can you see the word ‘SHOP’? It’s in big letters.

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   OK. Then write the word ‘MUSIC’ in front of it.

GIRL:   All right. I can spell that. I’ll do that now.

MAN:   Good.


GIRL:   And can I draw something in the shop?

MAN:   Yes. How about a drum? Can you draw that?

GIRL:   Yes, but where shall I put it?

MAN:   Put it on the top shelf. There’s only a book there now.

GIRL:   All right. And I’ll colour it purple.

MAN:   OK.


GIRL:   Can I colour the mother’s umbrella too?

MAN:   Well, let’s colour the other one … the one that the little girl’s got in her hand.

GIRL:   OK. And can I colour it green?

MAN:   Yes. That’s my favourite colour.

GIRL:   Is it?

MAN:   Yes!


MAN:   Now, we need to colour one more thing.

GIRL:   How about the envelope. Can you see it?

MAN:   The one on the ground? It’s getting wet.

GIRL:   I know. Shall I use brown? We haven’t used that colour yet.

MAN:   No, use blue. Perhaps there’s a birthday card inside it.

GIRL:   Well, it looks better now. Have I finished?

MAN:   Yes. Thank you.

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