Listening 1

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the bigger snowman at the front – yellow

 Colour the trousers of the child next to the skis, throwing snowballs – brown

 Write ‘ICE’ under ‘THIN’ on the board

 Draw a house on top of the smaller mountain (further away), and colour it – purple

 Colour the jacket of the girl riding her bike over the bridge – green


MAN:   Would you like to colour this picture?

GIRL:   OK. Shall I colour the man whose foot is in the water?

MAN:   Yes, all right. Colour his face blue.

GIRL:   OK. That’s the best colour for him, I think.


MAN:   Now can you colour one of the snowmen?

GIRL:   Which one? The one between the trees?

MAN:   No, the big one at the front.

GIRL:   OK. Can I colour it yellow?

MAN:   Yes, that’s fine.


GIRL:   Look – they’re throwing snowballs.

MAN:   Would you like to colour one of those children?

GIRL:   Yes. Can I colour the one next to the skis?

MAN:   All right. Colour his trousers brown.


MAN:   I’d like you to write something now. Can you see the man in the fur hat?

GIRL:   Yes, he’s pointing at a board.

MAN:   Right. Under the word ‘THIN’ I’d like you to write the word ‘ICE’. OK?

GIRL:   OK. I’ve written it.


GIRL:   Can I draw something now?

MAN:   Yes, of course. Look at the mountain.

GIRL:   Which one? The one which is further away?

MAN:   That’s right. It looks smaller. Draw a house on the top of it and colour it purple.

GIRL:   All right.


MAN:   Now, can you see those two girls with bikes?

GIRL:   Yes, I can. Shall I colour the one who’s pushing her bike?

MAN:   No, colour the other one. The one who’s riding over the bridge.

GIRL:   All right. Can I colour her jacket green?

MAN:   Yes, that’s fine You’ve finished now. Well done!

Listening 2

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the flag next to the sea – yellow

 Write ‘SHARK’ on the boat

 Draw a ball between the rocks and colour it – purple

 Colour the stripe on the car – green

 Colour the bird in the cage – blue


MAN:   Shall we look at this picture now?

GIRL:   Yes. Is it a family on holiday?

MAN:   Yes. Look at all their things!

GIRL:   Can I colour something?

MAN:   Yes, please. Colour the big suitcase orange. Can you see it?

GIRL:   Yes. OK, I’m doing that now.


GIRL:   Now what else can I colour? How about the flag?

MAN:   Yes! Good idea! Colour the one which is next to the people, next to the sea.

GIRL:   OK. But can I choose the colour?

MAN:   Yes, you can.

GIRL:   I’ll use yellow then.

MAN:   All right.


MAN:   Would you like to write something on this picture too?

GIRL:   Oh, yes. I like writing. What can I write?

MAN:   The boat hasn’t got a name. Let’s give it one.

GIRL:   OK. What can I call it?

MAN:   Write ‘SHARK’ on it. That’s a good name.

GIRL:   All right. I’ll do that now.


GIRL:   And can I draw something in this picture too?

MAN:   Yes. Draw a ball between the two rocks. Can you do that?

GIRL:   Yes, that’s easy. And then can I colour it?

MAN:   Yes. Make it purple. I love that colour.

GIRL:   Me too!

MAN:   Good.


MAN:   Look at the car that is pulling the boat.

GIRL:   Can I colour the stripe on the boat?

MAN:   No, colour the stripe on the car.

GIRL:   OK. Can I make it green?

MAN:   Oh, OK, yes, you can.

GIRL:   Thanks.


MAN:   Now, we need to colour one more thing.

GIRL:   How about the bird? The one in the cage?

MAN:   All right. Let’s make it pink.

GIRL:   Can I colour it blue? We haven’t used that colour yet.

MAN:   Yes. If you prefer that colour, that’s fine.

GIRL:   Great! I’ve finished.

MAN:   Well done!

Listening 3

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the coat of the woman at the bus stop – orange

 Colour the bigger swan – yellow

 Draw a cloud above the tree and colour the cloud – blue

 Write ‘HILL’ above ‘STREET’

 Colour the pilot’s suitcase – brown


MAN:   Let’s colour this picture now, shall we? Look at the rainbow!

GIRL:   Oh, yes. And there’s lots of rain on the ground. The people are very wet!

MAN:   That’s right! Look at the umbrella in the air. The wind is very strong! Can you colour it green for me?

GIRL:   Yes. I can do that. It’s easy.


GIRL:   What can I colour now? One of the people who are waiting for the bus?

MAN:   Ermm … OK. Can you see the woman who’s standing there? She’s holding the child’s hand.

GIRL:   Yes. Can I colour her coat?

MAN:   Yes, all right! Make it orange.



GIRL:   Are those swans on the grass?

MAN:   Yes. I think they’re waiting to cross the road. Colour the bigger one. The one with the longer neck, on the left.

GIRL:   Can I make it pink?

MAN:   Ermm … no, let’s colour it yellow.

GIRL:   All right. I like that colour too. They’ve got big wings, haven’t they?

MAN:   Yes.


MAN:   Would you like to draw something here?

GIRL:   In this picture? Now?

MAN:   Yes! Can you draw a little could in the sky? Draw it there, just above the tree.

GIRL:   OK. I can put one there. Shall I colour it, too?

MAN:   Yes! Good idea! Colour it blue. That will look good.

GIRL:   All right. I’ve got that colour. I’ll do that now.

MAN:   Thank you.


MAN:   And can you write something here, too? I’d like this road to have a name.

GIRL:   OK. I can see the word ‘STREET’ on the little low wall next to the shop. Shall I write it there?

MAN:   Yes. Write the word ‘HILL’ above that.

GIRL:   All right. I can spell that word.

MAN:   Good. Well done!


GIRL:   Look at that man. Is he a pilot?

MAN:   Perhaps. I don’t know.

GIRL:   Well, can I colour his uniform?

MAN:   No, but you can colour his suitcase if you like. It looks very heavy.

GIRL:   It does. You’re right! Shall I make it brown?

MAN:   Yes. That looks great now. Thank you.

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