Listening 1

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the girl’s plate – blue

 Colour the smallest hill – purple

 Draw a flower in the bottle on the table and colour it yellow

 Write the word ‘Lake’ on the swan picture

 Colour the telephone on the shelf – green


MAN:   Would you like to help me finish this picture of my kitchen?

GIRL:   Yes, I would, please.

MAN:   OK. Well, first, can you see the boy’s cup?

GIRL:   Yes. It’s next to his plate.

MAN:   That’s right. Please colour it red.


GIRL:   So now, what shall I colour next?

MAN:   Mmm … let me think. Can you find the girl’s plate?

GIRL:   Oh, yes – there it is. Now, what colour shall I use for that?

MAN:   Mmm … what about blue?

GIRL:   Right. That’s a nice colour. Do you like it?

MAN:   Yes. Very much.


MAN:   And now, can you see the window?

GIRL:   Yes, of course.

MAN:   Well, outside the window you can see three hills.

GIRL:   Oh, yes. Can I colour the smallest one, please?

MAN:   Yes. Perhaps you can colour it purple?

GIRL:   That’s a strange colour!

MAN:   Well, sometimes things look that colour when it’s foggy.


GIRL:   Can I draw something now?

MAN:   Of course. Can you see the bottle on the table?

GIRL:   Yes, it’s empty. I’d like to put a flower in it.

MAN:   OK. You can draw one and colour it yellow.

GIRL:   Right. I’ll do that. There! That looks much nicer now.


MAN:   Would you like to write something now?

GIRL:   OK. What can I write?

MAN:   Well, can you see the picture on the wall? There are two swans in it.

GIRL:   Yes. It’s beautiful.

MAN:   It’s called ‘The Lake’. Please write that word. Write it in the space at the bottom of the picture.


MAN:   And now, the last thing. The telephone. Can you see it?

GIRL:   There are two, aren’t there?

MAN:   Oh, yes, of course. Sorry, I meant the one on the shelf.

GIRL:   OK. Right. I can see that one now. What colour shall I use?

MAN:   Let me think. Would you like to colour it orange?

GIRL:   No, I don’t like that colour. Can I make it green?

MAN:   Excellent! It looks very nice now.

Listening 2

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the camel lying on the ground – brown

 Write the word ‘Race’ before ‘to the Pyramids!’

 Draw a hat on the head of the woman pushing the bike, and colour the hat pink

 Colour the flag between the two pyramids – green

 Colour the scarf of the woman on the horse who is winning the race – blue


MAN:   Would you like to colour this picture of a book?

GIRL:   Yes, please. What’s it about?

MAN:   It’s about some people who are trying to win some money in a competition. The first person who arrives at the pyramids wins.

GIRL:   Oh! Can I colour the biggest pyramid?

MAN:   Yes. You can colour it yellow.


MAN:   Can you see the camel on the right?

GIRL:   The one that’s lying down?

MAN:   Yes.

GIRL:   It looks very tired. Shall I colour it?

MAN:   Yes. Colour it brown.


MAN:   Would you like to write something?

GIRL:   Excellent!

MAN:   Can you see the name of the book?

GIRL:   Mmm. There’s a word missing.

MAN:   The book is called ‘Race to the Pyramids!’ Write the missing word, please.


MAN:   And now for some drawing. Can you see the woman with the bike?

GIRL:   Yes. What’s she doing?

MAN:   It’s broken and she’s pushing it.

GIRL:   She looks hot. Shall I draw a hat on her head?

MAN:   Yes, and then colour it pink.


MAN:   Now, can you see the flag?

GIRL:   The one next to the camel?

MAN:   No, the one between the pyramids.


MAN:   Colour it green.


MAN:   Last, I want you to find the woman who’s riding a horse.

GIRL:   I can see her. She’s wearing a long dress.

MAN:   That’s right. Can you see her scarf?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   Well, colour it blue.

GIRL:   Great. She’s winning the race, I think!

Listening 3

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour comic being read by boy lying down in bed on left – pink

 Colour uniform of nurse giving medicine on spoon to boy – blue

 Draw flowers in hand of woman visitor walking across room and colour them yellow

 Write ‘City’ before ‘Hospital’

 Colour juice in glass carried by nurse walking across room – orange


BOY:   Oh, look! It’s a picture of a hospital. Can I colour it?

WOMAN:   Of course you can.

BOY:   What shall I do first?

WOMAN:   Can you see the boy who’s visiting someone?

BOY:   Yes. Shall I colour his sweater?

WOMAN:   OK. Colour it green.


WOMAN:   Look at the boy who’s lying in bed.

BOY:   The boy on the left of the picture?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   He’s looking at a comic.

WOMAN:   Well, please colour it pink.

BOY:   OK.


WOMAN:   Next, I want you to find the nurse who’s giving a boy some medicine.

BOY:   I can see her. She’s got short hair.

WOMAN:   That’s right. Can you colour her uniform, please?

BOY:   Yes. I’m going to colour it blue.


WOMAN:   Now for some drawing.

BOY:   Excellent.

WOMAN:   Find the woman who’s visiting someone. She’s walking across the room. Draw some flowers in her hand.

BOY:   Right. I’ve done that. Can I colour them red?

WOMAN:   No, colour them yellow.


WOMAN:   Would you like to write something now?

BOY:   Yes, please.

WOMAN:   Can you see the word ‘Hospital’?

BOY:   Yes.

WOMAN:   Well, write the name ‘City’ next to it.


BOY:   Can I colour something else, please?

WOMAN:   OK. Find the glass.

BOY:   The one on the table?

WOMAN:   No. The one in the nurse’s hand. Let’s put some juice in it. Colour it orange.

BOY:   OK. That’s nice!

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