Listening 1

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the suitcase in the man’s hand – red

 Draw and colour a star on the computer – blue

 Write ‘DAY’ on the clock after ‘HAVE A GOOD’

 Colour the magazine on the wall – pink

 Colour the rucksack on the boy’s back – brown


GIRL:   Are the people in this picture inside a restaurant or a hotel?

MAN:   They’re in a hotel. They’re going to stay there.

GIRL:   Oh … Shall I colour something here? Can I colour the lamp on the little table?

MAN:   Yes, please. Make it yellow.



GIRL:   What else can I colour?

MAN:   Ermm … how about the suitcase – the one that the man’s carrying?

GIRL:   OK. It looks heavy! Which colour shall I use?

MAN:   I think red is a good colour for that.

GIRL:   All right.


GIRL:   Can I draw something in the picture now?

MAN:   Yes. Draw a star on the computer.

GIRL:   All right. I’ll draw a nice, big one.

MAN:   Good, now colour it blue.

GIRL:   OK. I’ll do that now.


GIRL:   And can I write something too?

MAN:   Yes. OK. Look at the clock. It’s got words on it, but one word is missing. ‘Have a good …’ Can you see that?

GIRL:   Yes. What’s the missing word?

MAN:   Day! Write that there for me, please.

GIRL:   That’s easy!


MAN:   Now some more colouring … Colour the magazine, please.

GIRL:   The one in front of the woman?

MAN:   Not that one. There’s another one … look … up there under all the postcards. Colour that one pink.

GIRL:   All right.


GIRL:   Can I colour the umbrella now?

MAN:   No, we don’t need to colour that. Colour the rucksack on the boy’s back, please.

GIRL:   OK. Shall I use my brown pencil for that?

MAN:   Yes.

GIRL:   Right. It’s finished, I think.

MAN:   Great!

Listening 2

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the umbrella in the corner – orange

 Colour the toy castle on the floor – brown

 Draw and colour a bird in the sky outside – green

 Write ‘PAINT’ on the box

 Colour the diary by the light – red


BOY:   This artist’s picture looks good, but what is he drawing? Is it an octopus?

WOMAN:   Yes. He draws lots of pictures of animals and different kinds of fish.

BOY:   Well, can I colour it? Can I make it pink?

WOMAN:   All right! Do that now!

BOY:   OK!


BOY:   What shall I colour next?

WOMAN:   How about the umbrella? The one in the corner.

BOY:   OK. Which pencil shall I use to colour it?

WOMAN:   Have you got an orange one? Use that!

BOY:   All right!


WOMAN:   Now … can you see the castle?

BOY:   Do you mean the one in the picture on the wall?

WOMAN:   No, I mean the toy one on the floor. Colour that brown now, please.

BOY:   OK. I’m doing that now. Who plays with it?

WOMAN:   I don’t know.


BOY:   I’d like to draw something too. Can I do that?

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s a good idea. What would you like to draw?

BOY:   Well, the window’s open. Can I draw a bird outside in the sky?

WOMAN:   Yes, you can. And colour it green.

BOY:   All right!


WOMAN:   I’d like you to write something here too, please. Can you see the box on the bottom shelf?

BOY:   Yes. Must I write on that?

WOMAN:   Yes, please. Write ‘PAINT’ on that. He puts all his things in it at the end of each day.

BOY:   So he’s a tidy artist!

WOMAN:   Yes, he is!


WOMAN:   And perhaps you could colour the artist’s diary now.

BOY:   The one by the light?

WOMAN:   That’s right. Colour it purple.

BOY:   Can I colour it red, because I’ve got that pencil in my hand?

WOMAN:   Of course you can. That’s fine. And well done! We’ve finished now.

BOY:   Great! Thank you!

Listening 3

Listen and colour and draw. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

 Colour the sweater of the boy pushing the car – blue

 Colour the skate on the ground – green

 Write ‘ROOM’ under ‘COMPUTER’ on the sign

 Draw and colour the mouth on the face of the teacher with the scarf – pink

 Colour the empty bin – purple


MAN:   Would you like to colour this picture of a school playground?

GIRL:   Yes, please. Can I colour one of the girls?

MAN:   All right. Can you see the girl who’s hopping?

GIRL:   Yes. She looks happy!

MAN:   Well, colour her skirt brown.


MAN:   Can you colour one of the boys, please?

GIRL:   The one who’s pushing the little car?

MAN:   Yes, OK. But only his sweater.

GIRL:   Shall I do it blue? That’s a nice colour.

MAN:   Yes, that’s fine.


MAN:   Now, I’d like you to colour something else. There are two skates in the picture. Can you see them?

GIRL:   Yes, shall I colour the one on the wall?

MAN:   No, the other one. It’s on the ground. This time use green.

GIRL:   OK. I’m colouring it now.


GIRL:   What can I colour next?

MAN:   Don’t colour anything. I’d like you to write a word.

GIRL:   OK. What shall I write?

MAN:   Can you see the word ‘COMPUTER’? It’s on the left of the picture. Under it please write the word ‘ROOM’.

GIRL:   OK. I can do that.


MAN:   Can you draw and colour something now, please?

GIRL:   Yes, of course. I like drawing. What shall I draw?

MAN:   Look at the teacher …

GIRL:   Which one? The one who’s wearing a scarf?

MAN:   Yes, that’s right. Draw a mouth on her face, and then colour it pink.


GIRL:   What shall I colour now?

MAN:   Well, there are two bins in the playground.

GIRL:   Yes, can I colour the one that’s full?

MAN:   No, colour the empty one. It’s easier. What colour do you want to use?

GIRL:   Er, purple.

MAN:   Well done. That looks excellent.

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