Listening 1

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Emma and the girl who has dropped a plate

2   Betty and the baby girl crying on the floor

3   Richard and the man leaving the room, holding a newspaper

4   Helen and the girl sitting on the sofa, eating sweets

5   David and the boy sitting at the table, listening to CDs


WOMAN:   Your house is very noisy!

BOY:   Yes, it’s always like this.

WOMAN:   Who are all the people? What are their names?

BOY:   Well, the little boy who’s playing the drum is my brother. He’s called Sam.


WOMAN:   Look, that girl has dropped a plate.

BOY:   Oh dear. Poor Emma! She made that pizza for her lunch.

WOMAN:   Why doesn’t someone help her?

BOY:   Mm. Everyone’s busy.


WOMAN:   Who’s the child on the floor?

BOY:   The boy who’s watching television?

WOMAN:   No, not him. The baby girl. She’s crying loudly.

BOY:   Oh, yes. That’s my little cousin, Betty.

WOMAN:   She wants to play the drum too, I think.


WOMAN:   That man looks angry.

BOY:   Who? The one who’s going out of the room?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   That’s Richard. He’s my uncle. It’s too noisy for him?

WOMAN:   Mm. He can’t read his newspaper.


BOY:   Can you see the girl who’s watching television?

WOMAN:   The one behind the sofa?

BOY:   No, the one who’s sitting on the sofa and eating sweets.

WOMAN:   OK, yes.

BOY:   Her name’s Helen. She’s my older sister.

WOMAN:   She’s enjoying the programme, isn’t she?

BOY:   Yes, it’s her favourite.


WOMAN:   Who’s that boy who’s sitting at the table?

BOY:   That’s my friend, David. It was his birthday last week, and I gave him a new CD.

WOMAN:   The music’s loud, isn’t it?

BOY:   Yes. And he plays it again and again and again!

Listening 2

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Robert and the man holding the umbrella and the big bag

2   Michael and the boy reading a comic in the car

3   Katy and the girl looking for a scarf in a rucksack

4   Helen and the girl running up a hill with a dog

5   Emma and the girl putting on a coat, wearing a yellow hat


GIRL:   Look! This is a picture I took when we went camping!

MAN:   What terrible weather!

GIRL:   Yes, but we had a lot of fun. But look at Sarah … she doesn’t look very happy here.

MAN:   Is that her? The girl who’s holding the tent?

GIRL:   Yes.


MAN:   Who’s the person with the umbrella and the big bag?

GIRL:   Oh, that’s my uncle. His name’s Robert.

MAN:   Did he drive you there?

GIRL:   Yes. It was a nice, sunny day when we all left home!


MAN:   Weren’t you afraid in the storm?

GIRL:   No, I wasn’t. But Michael was. He didn’t want to come outside. Can you see him?

MAN:   Oh, yes. What’s he doing?

GIRL:   He’s reading his comic, I think.


MAN:   And who’s that? You can’t see her face very well.

GIRL:   The person by the trees?

MAN:   Not her … the girl with the rucksack. What’s she doing?

GIRL:   Oh, you mean Katy! I think she’s looking for her scarf.


GIRL:   And there’s my sister.

MAN:   Which one’s she?

GIRL:   The girl who’s running up the hill. Her name’s Helen. She’s with our dog.

MAN:   Oh, yes. I can see her.

GIRL:   And that’s her friend with the kite.

MAN:   Uhuh.


MAN:   And who’s the person who’s putting her coat on?

GIRL:   That’s Emma. She’s my cousin.

MAN:   She looks like you!

GIRL:   Yes, everyone says that. And I’ve got a yellow hat just like hers too.

MAN:   Well, in that storm, you needed them, I think!

GIRL:   Yes, we did!

Listening 3

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   David and the boy reading a comic on the sofa

2   Harry and the boy fishing in the river outside, wearing a hat

3   Sarah and the girl lying on the floor, looking at pictures

4   Daisy and the girl playing on the computer, by the present and the shoes

5   Betty and the woman wearing glasses, standing


GIRL:   This is a picture that I took at my friend’s house. She lives in another country. I went to visit her there in the summer holidays.

MAN:   Which one’s your friend?

GIRL:   Jane. The girl who’s playing the piano. She’s got dark hair.

MAN:   Oh, yes. Is she good at music?

GIRL:   Yes. She’s a great singer too.


MAN:   Who’s the boy on the sofa, there, next to the television?

GIRL:   That’s my friend’s cousin. His name’s David.

MAN:   What’s he reading? It’s funny, I think.

GIRL:   Oh, it’s just one of his comics. He’s got lots of them.


MAN:   I can see out of the doors. Is that a lake in their garden?

GIRL:   No, it’s a river. Can you see Harry? The boy who’s fishing there.

MAN:   Which one are you talking about? The one who’s wearing shorts?

GIRL:   Not him, the one with the hat.

MAN:   Oh, yes. I see now.


MAN:   And the girl who’s lying on the floor, who’s that?

GIRL:   Oh, that’s Sarah. She doesn’t like sitting on chairs!

MAN:   What’s she playing with? I can’t see very well.

GIRL:   She’s not playing. She’s looking at some pictures of her friends.

MAN:   Oh.


MAN:   There are lots of children in your friend’s family!

GIRL:   Oh, they’re not all her brothers and sisters. Can you see the girl who’s playing on the computer?

MAN:   Yes.

GIRL:   Well, she lives in the house next to my friend’s. Her name’s Daisy. It was her birthday when I was there. You can see one of her presents by her shoes. Look!

MAN:   Oh, yes.


GIRL:   And there’s my friend’s mother, Betty. She’s very kind.

MAN:   The woman who’s turning on the lamp?

GIRL:   No, the woman who’s standing next to her – the one who’s wearing the glasses. She often loses them. She takes them off and can’t remember where she put them!

MAN:   Oh dear!

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