Listening Part 1

Questions 1-5

You will hear five short conversations.

You will hear each conversation twice.

There is one question for each conversation.

For questions 1-5, put a tick (✓) under the right answer.

1   What is John going to do tonight?

2   Which is Ben’s family?

3   Which bag does the woman buy?

4   How much did the woman pay for the apples?

5   What time does the film start?

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 A   3 C   4 A   5 A


1   What is John going to do tonight?

Paul:   Hello Mrs Brown. Is John there?

Mrs Brown:   No, he’s out on his bicycle at the moment.

Paul:   Oh. Can he go swimming tonight?

Mrs Brown:   Sorry, Paul, he’s got a football match tonight.

2   Which is Ben’s family?

Female:   Are you as tall as your sister, Ben?

Ben:   No, she’s still taller than me.

Female:   And what about your brother?

Ben:   Oh, I’m much taller than him!

3   Which bag does the woman buy?

Female:   I want to buy a present for Diana.

Male:   What about a bag?

Female:   Yes, this one’s nice. It’s small and round …

Male:   I think she’d prefer a square bag.

Female:   No, this is better. I’ll get the round one.

4   How much did the woman pay for the apples?

Male:   Can I help you?

Female:   Yes, I’d like a pound of apples, please.

Male:   Do you want the ones at thirty pence, thirty-five pence or forty pence?

Female:   The ones at thirty pence please.

5   What time does the film start?

Ray:   Hello?

Helen:   Hello, Ray? It’s Helen. About tonight …

Ray:   Ah, yes. The film begins at quarter past eight.

Helen:   OK. So, I’ll meet you outside the cinema at … erm … about five to eight.

Ray:   All right, see you then.

Listening Part 2

Questions 6-10

Listen to Liz and Michael talking about rooms in a hotel.

They are going to paint the rooms.

What colour are they going to paint each room?

For questions 6-10, write a letter A-H next to each room.

You will hear the conversation twice.


0 dinning room                 G



 television room

 first floor bedrooms

 second floor bedrooms


10   kitchen

 dark blue

 light blue

 dark green

 light green




 light yellow

Answer & Audioscript

6 H   7 D   8 B   9 E   10 F


Liz:   Michael, we must paint some of the rooms in the hotel.

Michael:   Yes, Liz. What colour paint shall we have?

Liz:   Well, I think the dining room should be white.

Michael:   Yes. White is best for the dining room. But I’d like something brighter in the television room. What about red?

Liz:   Hm. I think it should be white, too.

Michael:   No, let’s have something more interesting in the television room. Do you like yellow?

Liz:   Yes, a light yellow is all right. Now, what about the bedrooms on the first floor?

Michael:   Well, the curtains are dark green, so I think the walls should be light green.

Liz:   OK. Shall we have the same colour in the second floor bedrooms, too?

Michael:   No, something different. Perhaps grey … or is blue prettier?

Liz:   All right. A nice light blue on the second floor.

Michael:   And for the office? How about red?

Liz:   Oh, no! That must be grey. You can have red in the kitchen.

Michael:   Fine! At least one room will be my favourite colour!

Listening Part 3

Questions 11-15

Listen to Sarah talking to her friend, Jane, about a new job.

For questions 11-15, tick (✓) A, B or C.

You will hear the conversation twice.


0   Sarah’s boss wants a new

        A   manager

        B   shop assistant

        C   secretary  

11   Sarah usually starts work at

        A   6.00.

        B   8.30.

        C   9.00.

12   In the new job, Jane can earn

        A   £160 a week.

        B   £180 a week.

        C   £210 a week.

13   Sarah has lunch

        A   in a café.

        B   in a park.

        C   at home.

14   In the new job, Jane can have

        A   3 weeks’ holiday.

        B   4 weeks’ holiday.

        C   5 weeks’ holiday.

15   The manager’s name is Mr

        A   Fawset.

        B   Fawcett.

        C   Fausett.

Answer & Audioscript

11 C   12 C   13 A   14 A   15 B


Jane:   368879.

Sarah:   Jane? It’s Sarah. Are you still looking for a job?

Jane:   Yes, I am actually.

Sarah:   Well, my boss, who’s the sales manager, needs a new secretary.

Jane:   Oh, well, tell me something about the job.

Sarah:   Well, Jane, it’s a full-time job, five days a week.

Jane:   What time do you start in the morning?

Sarah:   At nine o’clock. You can catch the eight thirty train with me.

Jane:   OK, and what’s the pay like? I got a hundred and eighty pounds a week in my last job.

Sarah:   Oh, you can earn more here. It’s six pounds an hour, so that’s about, um, two hundred and ten pounds a week.

Jane:   What do you do for lunch, Sarah? Do you take sandwiches?

Sarah:   No, we go to a little café near the park.

Jane:   And how many weeks’ holiday do you have?

Sarah:   Well, I have four weeks, some people have five, but when you start, Jane, you only have three.

Jane:   Right, I see … um … shall I phone the sales manager?

Sarah:   Yes, why not? His name’s Mr Fawcett.

Jane:   What?

Sarah:   Fawcett. F-A-W-C-E-T-T.

Jane:   Well, thanks very much.

Sarah:   Good luck. Bye, Jane.

Jane:   Bye.

Listening Part 4

Questions 16-20

You will hear a student telephoning a school.

Listen and complete questions 16-20.

You will hear the conversation twice.


Name of school:           International Languages school

Next course begins:

        Day:                          16____________

        Date:                        17   3rd___________

Classes begin at:           18____________

Address:                          19__________ London Road

Near:                               20____________

Answer & Audioscript

16 Monday   17 January

18 9.15 / quarter past nine/ nine fifteen

19 57   20 (the) station


Male:   Good morning. International Language School. Can I help you?

Female:   Yes, please, I’d like some information about your school.

Male:   Certainly. What do you want to know?

Female:   Well, first, what day does the next course begin?

Male:   Well, our courses always begin on the first Monday of every month. Let me see, the next course begins on the third of January.

Female:   That’s next week.

Male:   Yes, that’s right.

Female:   And what time do classes start?

Male:   Well, they begin at a quarter past nine so you should be here a little earlier, at about nine o’clock.

Female:   And I don’t have the address. Could you give it to me, please?

Male:   Yes, the school is at 57 London Road.

Female:   Just a moment. I’ve got a map of the town. Could you tell me where London Road is, please?

Male:   Yes, it’s a long road and we’re quite near the station.

Female:   OK. I’ll find it on my map. Thank you very much for your help.

Male:   You’re welcome.

Listening Part 5

Questions 21-25

You will hear a tour guide talking about a town in Scotland.

Listen and complete questions 21-25.

You will hear the information twice.


Guide’s name:             Jim

Banks open from:       21___________

        to:                           22___________

        closed on:             23___________

Bus to city centre

        number:                 24___________

        cost:                       25___________

Answer & Audioscript

21 9.30 / half past nine/ nine thirty

22 4.00 / four o’clock / 16.00

23 Sunday(s)   24 21 / twenty-one

25 60p / 60 pence


Guide:   Good morning and welcome to Scotland. I hope you had a good journey and are not too tired this morning. My name is Jim and I am here to help you. I want to tell you a few things which you might find useful.

Firstly, the banks. They’re open from nine thirty in the morning until four o’clock in the afternoon. That’s nine thirty until four. They’re open every day except Sunday. But on Sunday you can change money in the hotel. Next, the buses. You can take a bus from the hotel to the city centre. It’s the number twenty-one. There are buses every fifteen minutes so you won’t have to wait long. You’ll find the bus stop just outside the hotel. A ticket to the city centre costs sixty pence. Finally, tonight we’re having a party for you in the Restaurant. I hope I’ll see you all there. Thank you.

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