Listening Part 1

Questions 1-5

You will hear five short conversations.

You will hear each conversation twice.

There is one question for each conversation.

For questions 1-5, put a tick (✓) under the right answer.

1   How will Mary travel to Scotland?

2   Where are the shoes?

3   When will the football match start next week?

4   Which box of chocolates do they buy?

5   When’s Wendy’s birthday?

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 A   3 C   4 B   5 B


1   How will Mary travel to Scotland?

John:   Are you taking the train to Scotland tomorrow, Mary?

Mary:   No, I’m driving there, it’s cheaper.

John:   Why don’t you go by coach?

Mary:   Oh no, it takes seven hours.

2   Where are the shoes?

Peter:   Mum, have you seen my brown shoes?

Mother:   Yes, they’re under the table.

Peter:   No they’re not. I left them on the chair this morning, but they’re not there now.

Mother:   There they are – under the window!

3   When will the football match start next week?

Tom:   Does the football match start at quarter past twelve every week?

Bill:   No, it was early this week. It usually begins at 2 o’clock.

Tom:   So, it’ll be the usual time next week?

Bill:   Yes.

4   Which box of chocolates do they buy?

Boy:   Which box of chocolates shall we get Mum for her birthday?

Girl:   Those round boxes with the flowers on are nice.

Boy:   Yes, but that square box is cheaper.

Girl:   But it’s Mum’s birthday. Let’s get the big round one – we’ve got enough money!

Boy:   OK.

5   When’s Wendy’s birthday?

John:   Wendy, you’re twenty-one on Saturday, aren’t you?

Wendy:   No, my birthday’s on May the eighteenth.

John:   Well, Saturday is the eighteenth.

Wendy:   No, it’s not, it’s the sixteenth.

Listening Part 2

Questions 6-10

Listen to Pete talking to a friend about his holiday.

What was the weather like each day?

For questions 6-10, write a letter A-H next to each day.

You will hear the conversation twice.


0 Monday            B







10   Saturday

A   cloud

B   cold

C   fog

D   rain

E   snow

F   sun

G   warm

H   wind

Answer & Audioscript

6 H   7 F   8 A   9 D   10 G


Helen:   Hi Pete – you’re looking well.

Pete:   Yes, I’ve just been on holiday in the mountains for a week.

Helen:   You must have had good weather.

Pete:   Well, not really. When I arrived on the Monday it was very cold.

Helen:   It can be cold in the mountains at this time of the year.

Pete:   Yes – it wasn’t very nice really. Then, on Tuesday it was so windy I just stayed in the hotel all day.

Helen:   Did the weather get better?

Pete:   Well, Wednesday was a bit better. There wasn’t any wind and it was sunny most of the day.

Helen:   So did you do a lot of walking?

Pete:   No. By Thursday it was very cloudy and it looked as if it was going to snow.

Helen:   And did it?

Pete:   No, but on Friday it rained a lot.

Helen:   And what about your last day?

Pete:   Well, the weather was getting better and it was quite warm then. But it was a bit too late.

Listening Part 3

Questions 11-15

Listen to Michael talking to Marina about a new sports centre.

For questions 11-15, tick (✓) A, B or C.

You will hear the conversation twice.


0   Where is the new sports centre?

        A   Long Road  

        B   Bridge Street

        C   Station Road

11   What sport can’t you do at the sports centre?

        A   tennis

        B   table-tennis

        C   volleyball

12   How much must Marina pay?

        A   £14 a year

        B   £30 a year

        C   £50 a year

13   How many days a week is the sports centre open late?

        A   2

        B   3

        C   4

14   Which bus goes to the sports centre?

        A   number 10

        B   number 16

        C   number 60

15   When will Michael and Marina go to the sports centre?

        A   Tuesday

        B   Thursday

        C   Friday

Answer & Audioscript

11 A   12 B   13 B   14 B   15 C


Michael:   Hello, Marina. Have you been to the new sports centre yet?

Marina:   No, Michael, where is it?

Michael:   In Long Road. You know, near Bridge Street, behind the station.

Marina:   Oh. Is it good?

Michael:   Yes, it’s great! You can do a lot of sports. I played table-tennis and volleyball last week.

Marina:   What about tennis?

Michael:   Not yet. They’re going to build some tennis courts next year.

Marina:   Is it expensive?

Michael:   Not really, Marina. It’s £50 a year if you’re 15 to 18, and £30 if you’re under 15.

Marina:   Oh, that’s good because I’m still 14.

Michael:   And on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday it stays open late – till 10 o’clock.

Marina:   Oh, great. How did you get there?

Michael:   I got the number 16 bus. It’s only 10 minutes from the bus station. Do you want to go next week?

Marina:   OK. Any day except Thursday.

Michael:   Well, why don’t we go on Friday? Then we can stay late.

Marina:   Yes, OK. Let’s meet after school.

Listening Part 4

Questions 16-20

You will hear a conversation about a flat for rent.

Listen and complete questions 16-20.

You will hear the conversation twice.


Flat for rent in:                   Putney

Number of bedrooms:      16_____________

Cost:                                      17   £ _____________ a month

Address:                                18   27 _____________ Street

When see flat?                   19   Tuesday at _____________

Free from:                            20   1st _____________

Answer & Audioscript

16 two / 2 / one double, one single

17 440(.00)   18 E A R S L E Y

19 5.30 / five thirty / half past five

20 (of) March


Woman:   Hello. Lonflats Agency. Can I help you?

Man:   Oh yes. My name’s Mark Jones. I’m phoning about the flat for rent in Putney. I saw the advertisement in the paper.

Woman:   In Putney … Well, yes, Mr Jones, that one’s got two bedrooms.

Man:   Are they double bedrooms?

Woman:   One double and one single.

Man:   OK. And how much is the rent?

Woman:   Well, it’s £440 a month.

Man:   I see. And where exactly is it?

Woman:   It’s number 27 Earsley Street.

Man:   Oh. How do you spell that?

Woman:   Earsley. It’s E-A-R-S-L-E-Y. It’s near the train station.

Man:   And what floor is it on?

Woman:   It’s a second floor flat.

Man:   Has it got any furniture?

Woman:   Yes. It’s got some nice modern furniture.

Man:   Well. It sounds interesting. I’d like to see it, please.

Woman:   Can you come tomorrow?

Man:   Tomorrow. That’s Tuesday?

Woman:   Uh-hm

Man:   Well, only after 5 o’clock.

Woman:   How about half past five?

Man:   Yes, that’s fine. Oh, one thing I nearly forgot. When will the flat be free to rent?

Woman:   From the 1st of March.

Man:   OK. See you tomorrow.

Woman:   Bye.

Listening Part 5

Questions 21-25

You will hear a tour guide talking about a day trip.

Listen and complete questions 21-25.

You will hear the information twice.


Coach leaves:                    9.15 a.m.

Arrives Chester:              21_____________

Morning visit:                  22_____________

Price of family ticket:    23   £_____________

Lunch in:                           24_____________

Afternoon visit:               25_____________

Answer & Audioscript

21 10.45 / quarter to eleven   22 castle   23 8(.00)

24 park   25 (walk to / round the old) market(s)


Guide:   Hello everyone. I just want to tell you about our trip to the town of Chester. The coach will leave at nine fifteen tomorrow morning. It takes about an hour and a half to get to Chester, so we will arrive at a quarter to eleven. You will have time for a cup of coffee before our first visit. This will be to the castle. It is a very interesting old building and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the visit. Tickets for the castle cost three pounds fifty for adults and, if you have children, a family ticket is just eight pounds. There are lots of things to see and we will be there about two hours.

We will take sandwiches for lunch with us and we will all eat together in a park. You will be pleased to know that tomorrow is going to be sunny. After lunch, we will walk round the old market. You will be able to buy all your presents there. Now, any questions?

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