Listening Part 1

Questions 1-5

You will hear five short conversations.

You will hear each conversation twice.

There is one question for each conversation.

For questions 1-5, put a tick (✓) under the right answer.

1   How much is the car?

2   What’s Elena going to take to the party?
3   Where will Susan buy her eggs?
4   What time does the film begin?
5   How will the man travel to London?
Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 A   3 B   4 C   5 A


1   How much is the car?

Woman:   So which car are you buying?

Man:   The Monarch 2000. It’s lovely but I have to get a thousand pounds more from the bank first because I don’t have enough money.

Woman:   It’s a lot of money … three thousand pounds. I could live on that for a year.

Man:   Well, cars are expensive.

2   What’s Elena going to take to the party?

Man:   Hi, Elena. Are you taking some cans of cola to the party?

Elena:   Of course, and a pizza.

Man:   I’m going to take a big bottle of orange juice and some biscuits.

Elena:   Chocolate ones, I hope.

3   Where will Susan buy her eggs?

Man:   We need some more eggs, Susan.

Susan:   I’ll drive out to the farm and get them tomorrow.

Man:   It’ll be quicker to go to the market or to the little shop across the road.

Susan:   I know, but I prefer to know that they haven’t been on the shelves for a long time.

4   What time does the film begin?

Woman:   Would you like to see a film this afternoon?

Man:   OK. What time?

Woman:   It starts at quarter to two but we need tickets, so let’s meet at the cinema at quarter past one.

Man:   How long is the film?

Woman:   One and a half hours.

5   How will the man travel to London?

Woman:   We drove to London last weekend.

Man:   Really? I’m going to go there for the day tomorrow.

Woman:   Oh yes? Are you going by coach?

Man:   It’s the best way. There’s a fast train but it’s too expensive for me.

Listening Part 2

Questions 6-10

Listen to Sarah talking to a friend about a sports centre.

What is the problem with the different things at the sports centre?

For questions 6-10, write a letter A-H next to each thing.

You will hear the conversation twice.


0 T-shirt               A



 swimming pool

 car park


 football club

10   tennis lessons

A   big

B   cold

C   dirty

D   expensive

E   hot

F   late

G   noisy

H   small

Answer & Audioscript

6 G   7 H   8 C   9 F   10 D


Friend:   I like your new T-shirt, Sarah.

Sarah:   Mm. The colours are nice, but the problem is it’s too big. I got it from the shop at the sports centre. I went swimming there because it was a hot day, but it was too noisy for me. There were a lot of people in the pool.

Friend:   So was it difficult to find a space in the car park there?

Sarah:   Yes! It’s not big enough.

Friend:   Did you go to the café?

Sarah:   Yes, for a cold drink. But I didn’t stay. The tables and floor weren’t clean.

Friend:   Ugh! But I hear they have a good football club there.

Sarah:   That’s right. My brother wanted to go but it starts too late in the evening for him. It’s a pity because it’s not an expensive club.

Friend:   Can you learn tennis there?

Sarah:   I called about lessons but they cost too much.

Friend:   I’ll teach you tennis – but not today – it’s too hot. Let’s go for a cold swim in the river.

Listening Part 3

Questions 11-15

Listen to Philip talking to a friend about his photography course.

For questions 11-15, tick (✓) A, B or C.

You will hear the conversation twice.


0   Where does Philip do the photography classes?

        A   Park College

        B   City College  

        C   South College

11   What time do the photography classes begin?

        A   5.15 p.m.

        B   6.00 p.m.

        C   6.45 p.m.

12   How much does Philip pay for the photography course?

        A   £55

        B   £75

        C   £95

13   Philip’s happy with the course because he’s

        A   learning about famous photographers.

        B   using a new camera.

        C   getting better at photography.

14   Philip thinks it’s easy to take photographs of

        A   trees.

        B   animals.

        C   children.

15   After the course, Philip will

        A   buy a new camera.

        B   get a job in photography.

        C   make photography his hobby.

Answer & Audioscript

11 C   12 B   13 C   14 A   15 C


Friend:   Hello, Philip. Are you doing a photography course?

Philip:   Yes, there wasn’t one at my college, Park College, so I go to City College in South Road.

Friend:   Are your classes in the evening?

Philip:   Yes, I finish at Park College at quarter past five and get home about six. The lessons start at quarter to seven. I have just enough time to eat.

Friend:   How much are they?

Philip:   My ten-week course is usually ninety-five pounds. But it costs me seventy-five pounds because I’m a student. There’s also a five-week course for fifty-five pounds.

Friend:   Is it a good course?

Philip:   Yes, great. The cameras are rather old, but my photos are much better now, so I’m really pleased. I’ll never be a famous photographer though.

Friend:   I think taking photographs is difficult.

Philip:   Well, we did animals first and they’re certainly not easy. But then we took pictures of trees, and that wasn’t difficult. We’ll photograph children next.

Friend:   And after the course?

Philip:   There aren’t many jobs for photographers. It’ll be my hobby. I can use my father’s camera but I’ll have to buy a lot of film.

Listening Part 4

Questions 16-20

You will hear a man asking for information about the Westwood English School.

Listen and complete questions 16-20.

You will hear the conversation twice.


Evening classes on:        Thursday

Next course starts on:   16   22 ___________

Speaking class with:       17   Miss ___________

Cost for 12 classes:        18   £ ___________

Address:                            19 ___________ Fitzroy Square

School is next to the:     20 ___________

Answer & Audioscript

16 September   17 Jarvis   18 78 / seventy-eight (pounds)

19 223   23 bookshop / book shop


Woman:   Westwood English School.

Man:   Hello, I want to ask about evening classes, please.

Woman:   Yes, they’re on Thursdays. But this term will finish at the end of August. We’ll start again on the twenty-second of September, but you can book your place now.

Man:   It’s for a Chinese friend. He wants an easy class.

Woman:   Well, there’s a two-hour class for beginners.

Man:   Mmm. My friend would like something shorter.

Woman:   Well, we have a fifty-minute speaking class. That would be good for him. The teacher is Miss Jarvis. That’s J A R V I S. The students all like her.

Man:   How much does that class cost?

Woman:   It’s seven pounds fifty per class or if you pay for all twelve classes now, it’s only seventy-eight pounds – it’s cheaper that way.

Man:   Right.

Woman:   Can your friend come to the school soon and book his place? The address is two hundred and twenty-three, Fitzroy Square.

Man:   Is that in the centre of town?

Woman:   Well, it’s about twenty minutes’ walk from the station. We’re just by the bookshop.

Man:   Right. Thank you.

Woman:   Goodbye.

Listening Part 5

Questions 21-25

You will hear some information about Finchester Zoo.

Listen and complete questions 21-25.

You will hear the information twice.

Finchester Zoo

Closed on:                             Monday

Closing time in summer:    21 ___________ p.m.

Meeting place for four:      22 ___________

At 2 p.m., see:                      23 ___________ eat their food.

Zoo shop sells:                      24   books and ___________

Child’s ticket costs:             25   £ ___________

Answer & Audioscript

21 9.30 / 21.30 / nine thirty / half past nine

22 (the) entrance   23 (the) lions

24 games   25 4.65 / four (pounds) (and) sixty-five (p/pence)


Woman:   Thank you for calling Finchester Zoo. The zoo is open on six days and closed on Mondays. The opening hours are from ten a.m. until it gets dark. This is half past nine in the summer and four o’clock in the winter.

There is a guided tour of the zoo every hour. Visitors for the tour should wait at the entrance which is where the tour begins. Our guide will meet you there. The tour finishes at the café.

You should not feed the animals but you can watch when we give them something to eat. Every day at two o’clock the lions are given their food and the elephants get theirs at three o’clock.

There is a shop in the zoo where you can buy books and games. All the family will like playing these. There is also a café which sells snacks.

Tickets for adults cost six pounds eighty-five and children’s tickets are four pounds sixty-five. A family ticket, for two adults and three children, is eighteen pounds seventy-five.

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